Battlefield 6: here is the reveal live of the game

Battlefield 6 is upon us and we are all ready to follow together, live through the YouTube player, the reveal of the game. Let’s find out together

Battlefield 6, or Battlefield 2042, is definitely upon us and a few minutes separate us from reveal official game that we will follow here in direct through the player del official YouTube channel from the DICE first-person shooter series. The meat on the fire is really a lot and curiosity has prompted many fans to collect clues here and there around the web.

Battlefield 6: the reveal of the game here live!

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about this reveal and what will be introduced within it new chapter of the Battlefield saga. There was talk of a futuristic context, new modes and a very interesting and much requested addition by fans of the saga, those of old and not only: a modalità free to play in Warzone style that can also attract those who, over the years, have not had the opportunity or have not had the curiosity to approach this series. Here, below, is the player for the direct reveal of the official Battlefield 6 reveal (assuming this is the title):

For direct purposes, let us know, if you wish, with a simple comment in the appropriate section, what do you think and if you are really in the hype for this game. You will always find all the coverage on the event and all the more in-depth news in ours video games section, along with all the other news that will accompany us until the release of this title. The week of presentations definitely started with a bang and the fuse was set on fire by DICE with this reveal.

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