Berserk ends: the posthumous chapter of Miura

The Young Animal publishing house has published the last chapter of Berserk, number 364, using some drawings left by Kentaro Miura. Thus ends one of the greatest manga ever written

Just over three months have passed since the shocking announcement of the sensei’s death Kentaro Miura, the author of Berserk and many other very refined works. Probably, time will never be enough to accept such a loss for the manga world.

Part of the pain of the maestro’s fans comes from not being able to know the conclusion of his great work. A few days ago, starting from the unfinished work left by Miura, the editors of Young Animal have produced a new chapter for the saga, which will be the final one, the 364.

The chapter was published in Japan, but is already unofficially available on scanlation sites.

Now, Berserk’s future remains uncertain, but it is very likely that this is indeed the end. The publishing house left a message at the end of the chapter, which we are attaching to you.

Berserk ends: the posthumous chapter of Miura

The end of Berserk

Chapter 364 takes up the story of Gatsu and company from where we left off, in theFairy Island, shortly after the arrival of the Moonchild. We then see Gatsu and Casca interacting with the child over the course of the days, which run slower on the island, in a series of moving scenes.

When the Moonchild must finally vanish, it turns out to be nothing more than Griffith, who, in a final table full of pathos, mourns the past time, which is destined to dissolve like a dew in the morning.

The chapter was created by putting together Miura’s unfinished work, thought in all likelihood for multiple chapters. In order to build it, old boards were also recycled, something the sensei had never done.

While not a true ending, the result is a tribute to the master and to the work full of respect and affection. Fans can seek closure in Griffith’s tear, and in the newfound serenity of Gatsu and Casca, in a safe place. This is what we have, and after reading it, we can give the final farewell to sensei Kentaro Miura.