Best illustrated books for children of August 2021 | Reading tips

Let’s go and see together the best illustrated books for children for the month of August. Three tips to entertain the little ones through reading

Reading, as we know, is important: it opens the mind, helps in language, relaxes, improves writing.

However, when it comes to reading to children, it becomes a bit more complicated because the educational aspect also comes into play.

Each age group requires various types of books. For the little ones, the illustrated books are the most suitable. Through images, the child is able to better understand and follow the story more carefully. Although, initially, the child may seem unable to understand it. So here are the three illustrated books for children, recommended for the month of August.

Best illustrated books for children of August 2021 | Reading tips

Best children’s picture books of August 2021 | Reading tips

Skip Eliot! by Jean Leroy, illustrations by Olivier Dutto.

Eliot will be king one day and to prove that he can face even the most difficult trials he launches a challenge to himself: to jump from the highest branch. Will he be able to face fears and fears?

A story that helps to accept and overcome one’s limits and problems.

In your bed! from Emile Jadoul

The Lion penguin just can’t sleep alone, he turns and turns in his bedroom, runs to his parents but nothing to do, he has to learn to stay alone at night and is sent back to his sheets. As long as…

With irony the need of the little ones to have someone near when they sleep is told.

Seahorses are sold out by Katia Gehrmann and Constanze Spengler.

Nico can’t play with his dad because he has to work so he doesn’t know who to play with. the father then allows him to buy a pet but does not realize that, little by little, the animals become many and bigger and bigger. too busy with his work, the father does not notice and the house fills up.

A nice li bro but that makes you reflect on the non-present presence of parents, sometimes taken by something else.

Here we are, for the month of August, our advice on the best picture books for children ends here. See you next month!

Please, never stop reading to your children. Reading them books, books, fables and fairy tales is equivalent to educating them, preparing them for emotions, life and even suffering.

Moreover, it will serve to stimulate their intelligence, listening and observation. For the adult, on the other hand, by doing so, it will be easier to consolidate the emotional bond with their child. What are you waiting for?