Best illustrated books for children of May 2021 | Reading tips

Let’s go and see together the best illustrated books for children for the month of May. Three tips to entertain the little ones through reading

Reading, as we know, is important: it opens the mind, helps in language, relaxes, improves writing.

However, when it comes to reading to children, it becomes a bit more complicated because the educational aspect also comes into play.

Each age group requires various types of books. For the little ones, the illustrated books are the most suitable. Through images, the child is able to better understand and follow the story more carefully. Although, initially, the child may seem unable to understand it. So here are the three illustrated books for children, recommended for the month of May.

Best illustrated books for children of May 2021 |  Reading tips

Best illustrated books for children of May 2021 | Reading tips

Cometè by Alice Caldarella

Released in bookstores a February of this year Cometè is a tender book, like the protagonist, on the other hand, who opens the doors of the heart of this shy little girl to us.

Afraid of the outside world she will start a journey together with her red cat. On this path she will be able to overcome her fears and will be amazed by what life can offer if you are ready to get involved.

A path of inner growth that reminds us how much we can be light in the dark: comets, like you and like others.

Recommended age: 4 years

A pebble in the heart of Sara Trofa and illustrations by Simona Mulazzani

Three animal friends who try to understand their heart, weighed down by a small stone that just doesn’t want to go away.

This book reminds us that even children can feel sadness and melancholy and that, precisely because they are small, it is difficult for them to understand such emotions.

We adults can do nothing but help them to face and overcome these strange feelings through the warmth of the family.

Recommended age: 3 years

Napping monster by Lorena Dolci and illustrations by Amalia Caratozzolo

The protagonist of this story is a child who has to contend with a monster at every nap of his mother. A monster that, unlike the others, does not wait for the night to go out.

Fundamental is the moment in which this monster decides to come out, that is, when the maternal figure stops taking care of the baby.

A metaphor, this, which indicates how difficult it is to start detaching oneself from the family and achieve independence.

The story ends with the embrace of the mother who, despite everything, will always be present. A fundamental part of the story will be a game, called “the game of the hours”. This game played with the mother teaches to give the right value to time and leads to understanding how subjective this is and how fast it goes when you have fun and then slows down in sad moments.

Recommended age: 4 years

Here we are, for the month of May, our advice on the best picture books for children ends here. See you next month!

Please, never stop reading to your children. Reading them: books, books, fables and fairy tales is equivalent to educating them, preparing them for emotions, life and even suffering.

Moreover, it will serve to stimulate their intelligence, listening and observation. For the adult, on the other hand, by doing so, it will be easier to consolidate the emotional bond with their child. What are you waiting for?

Enjoy the reading!