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New features for Kindle Scribe now available

Amazon announced that three new features are available to all Kindle Scribe users starting today: new types of brushes, creation of subfolders for notebooks, and shortcuts for navigating between pages.

Kindle Scribe was announced last fall and made available to customers late last year. This year, Amazon will regularly release free software updates to Kindle Scribe customers around the world.

Here are the new Kindle Scribe features included in the first free software update available

New Brush Types: On Kindle Scribe new fountain pen, marker and pencil options have been addedplus the pre-existing pen and highlighter, with five thickness options for each.

You can use the new fountain pen to write in beautiful handwriting, the marker to underline notes and the new pencil to create sketches easily thanks to its textured gradient.

All writing tools have advanced pressure and tilt capabilities and can be used anywhere Kindle Scribe can be written. Additionally, the new brush types can be set as customizable shortcuts for the premium pen in the settings.

New subfolders

Kindle Scribe users can now create subfolders, or folders within folders, to better organize and streamline notebook content.

In any folder, just click on the ‘+’ sign to add another sub-folder. Also, it is now possible to move folders into and out of each other. By clicking on the three dot menu and selecting ‘Move’, you can move the folder to where you want to place it.
Page Navigation: Within a notebook, Kindle Scribe users can now jump to specific pages.

In the notebook, simply click on the three-dot menu at the top, select ‘Go to Page’ and type in the page you wish to go to.

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