Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

Let’s go back with our guides dedicated to the best to see on streaming platforms: today we talk about the best oriental movies on Netflix

Summer is approaching, the great heat a little less and we of, like you, we are preparing to enjoy the next few months with a little more freedom and lightheartedness. This does not mean that cinema is always next to us, together with ours streaming platforms favorite. Among these there is no doubt Netflix, which over time has managed to conquer a role of the highest level within our home visions. If the queen of streaming initially had begun to focus above all on TV series, now there are more and more very valid proposals also for cinema.

Particular attention is then given to Asian cinema, which over time is becoming increasingly popular also in our country. That’s why today we decided to offer you ours ranking of the 10 best oriental movies to watch on Netflix. Enjoy the reading!

Best oriental movies on Netflix: our top 10

A short time ago, always here on, we talked about the best oriental films to find on Amazon Prime Video. If the platform led by Jeff Bezos offers a greater quantity of more “classic” films, Netflix instead offers a selection of different films, mostly recent: from the romance of k-dramas to the most disparate horror films, from animated films to d ‘ author. Our ranking will be very varied, and we obviously can’t wait to know what you think.

Here then is the best 10 oriental movies in the Netflix catalog, in our very personal opinion!

10 – The mimic, Huh Jung | Migliori film orientali Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

Let’s start our ranking immediately by offering you one ghost story from the classic system but that will know how to involve you in its own way. The mimic (2017) takes folk elements from South Korea to build a subtly disturbing and well-set story of terror. A family that recently suffered the loss of a child moves to the forest of Mount Jang in an attempt to start a new life. Here the mother, Hee-yeon (Yum Jung-ah) finds an abandoned girl and decides to take her home with him. As in any good self-respecting horror, things will not go as expected … The mimic manages to scare by working especially on emotional background of the characters and acting on our involvement in an excellent way. Not perfect, but absolutely enjoyable.

9 – Tune in for love, Jung Ji-woo | Best oriental movies on Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

For the most romantic, we continue with Tune in for love (2019), sentimental film produced in South Korea that manages to talk about love without falling into the cheesy. Mi-soo (Kim Go-eun) e Hyun-woo (Jung Hae-in) meet and fall in love in the bakery where the girl works. Over the years, they get lost and find each other, eventually overcoming a thousand obstacles to be able to crown their dream of love. Said thus, it would seem the classic gooey and superficial love story. But don’t be fooled, because there are many in-depth themes in the feature film. Sense of guilt, forgiveness, trust, and a certain sensitivity typical of the cinema from the East will overturn the fate of a film that in other hands could have touched disaster.

8 – 37 seconds, Hikari | Best oriental movies on Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

Speaking of disabilities, we offer you 37 seconds (2019), directed by the Japanese director Hikari and presented the same year at the Berlin International Film Festival. Yuma (Mei Kayama) is a girl confined to a wheelchair by infantile cerebral palsy. Her dream is to become a manga author, but during an interview for a famous erotic comic editorial staff she is rejected for her lack of experience in depicting sexuality. In an attempt to practice, he embarks on a journey first to Tokyo at night, then to Thailand, to search for one’s own identity. The sensitivity of the Japanese director and the protagonist herself lead us on a path that does not want to give rise to pain and compassion, but which on the contrary must be synonymous with discovery. For the protagonist, but above all for us who watch.

7 – Us and them, Rene Liu | Migliori film orientali Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

Another love story per Us and them (2018), debut of the Taiwanese director and singer Rene Liu. Xiaoxiao (Zhou Dongyu) and Jianquing (Jing Boran) look to the past of their relationship, between happy moments and difficulties, reflecting sadly on their relationship and on their inevitable breakup. The film proposed by Netflix speaks yes of love, in a long journey – from youth to awareness – in which we proceed by leaps, by emotional coordinates. At the same time it offers a cross-section of current Chinese society – the production of Us and them is really Chinese – without weighing down the script and vision. Rene Liu has the right touch to talk about love without risking making us sip the usual indigestible meatloaf. Special mention for photography.

6 – The host, Bong Joon-ho | Best oriental movies on Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

The now famous Bong Joon-ho in 2006 he directed The host, disaster film home-made blockbuster in which Seoulites are terrified of a particularly hungry mutant creature. Between states of alert, virus and quarantine, in this period we could find ourselves in a particular way in the history of the Park family, which risks everything to save the young Hyun-seo (Go Ah-sung), captured by the monster. What might seem like a soulless monster movie, once again reveals the greatness of the South Korean director, capable of combining cinematographic experimentation, entertainment and socio-political reflections, as well as preponderant ecological issues as in this case.

5 – Your name., Makoto Shinkai | Migliori film orientali Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

The first animated film we meet in our ranking is the splendid one Your name. (2016), another spearhead in the filmography of Makoto Shinkai together with 5 cm per second. Mitsuha is a high school student who leads a monotonous life in a mountain village. Taki is a peer who lives in the chaotic metropolis of Tokyo. One day the two wake up in each other’s body, living their life until the next day. The boys try to communicate by leaving messages, but suddenly the exchanges stop. Taki will have to find out what happened to Mitsuha, towards whom he realizes he feels a particular bond. Shinkai returns once again to reflect onlove It is on time, proving capable of moving us thanks to his splendid images and his very personal touch.

4 – Night in paradise, Park Hoon-jung | Best oriental movies on Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

Recent release in that of Netflix, the South Korean Night in paradise (2020) is fresh from success at the 77th edition of the Venice International Film Festival. Park Hoon-jung directs a ruthless but at the same time poignant revenge themed gangster movie. Drama and violence mix in the story of Park Tae-gu (Uhm Tae-goo), a leading man of a criminal organization determined to abandon his underworld life. Everything changes when his sister and his beloved niece are killed in a car accident. Tae-gu takes revenge on the man he believes responsible, and on his escape meets Jae-yeon (Jeon Yeo-been), with which he establishes a particular relationship united by the awareness of near death. The bloodshed will be inevitable, with an undertone of melancholy that will keep you glued to the screen during the two hours of viewing this excellent revenge movie.

3 – Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo | Migliori film orientali Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

1988: a real revolution begins for Japanese animation cinema. Katsuhiro Otomo, with his manifesto cyberpunk Akira, would have inspired scores of filmmakers around the world (did anyone say the Matrix?) ever since, right up to the present day. Tokyo is hit by an atomic explosion, a prelude to a Third World War. Thirty years later, Neo Tokyo was reborn as a metropolis but still harassed by a serious political, social and economic crisis. Its population is on the constant brink of revolt and seeking salvation. “This city is an overripe fruit that is about to fall into our hands, and the wind that will blow is called Akira”. An essential jewel for fans, for cinema lovers, but also for those who approach such a total work for the first time.

2 – The forest of love, Sion Sono | Best oriental movies on Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

The authorial touch of Sion I am it is perceived immediately in The forest of love (2019), Netflix original film inspired by the serial killer Futoshi Matsunaga. Illustrating the plot will never give an idea of ​​what The forest of love can represent, but for the record we provide it to you anyway. Two young aspiring directors meet Shin (Shinnosuke Mitsushima), just arrived in Tokyo and a virgin. To solve his “problem”, the two introduce him to a friend of theirs (Kyoko Hinami), which in turn introduces him to an old high school friend (Eri Kamataki), marked by a death event right at school. The group of boys, however, comes into contact with a serial killer known as Murata (Kippei Shiina), dedicated to killing young couples in the woods … Now forget everything. Only at this point will you see that crazy, brilliant feature film which is The forest of love.

1 – The enchanted city, Hayao Miyazaki | Best oriental movies on Netflix

Best oriental movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

Of all the animated films of Studio Ghibli – and of the same Hayao Miyazaki – present on Netflix, we choose one to represent the universe. The enchanted city (2001) is one of the highest points of the well-known Japanese production house and of the great master’s filmography. 2003 Academy Award for Best Animated Film, The Enchanted City tells the story of Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl who, together with her parents, is moving to a new city. During the journey, the three find themselves in a strange city, full of spirits and led by the powerful witch Yubaba. Here Chihiro’s parents are turned into pigs, and she will have to bravely face many adventures to be able to save them. A coming-of-age story that manages to address adults and children with the same power, accompanied by the enchantment of the wonderful images.

Good vision!

Now that you’ve read our guide to the best oriental movies to watch on Netflix, let us know what you think! Don’t miss out all our guides on this page, with news every week on the world of cinema and TV series!