One Piece, Rufy cade in mare | Jump Highlights

After being shot down by Kaido, the number 1014 of One Piece confirms the fate of Luffy, who falls into the water. Color opening for Jujutsu Kaisen, with Maki going wild

This week marks the return, among the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, of One Piece. The magazine’s flagship manga is more followed than ever, with the climax of Wano’s story arc rapidly rising. As always, the latest chapters are available for free on MangaPlus.

In fact, in the past chapters we have seen Kaido brutally defeat Luffy, despite the latter having mastered a new technique, using the conquering king’s haki. The chapter 1014 perhaps marks the darkest hour for Wano: Luffy ends his fall in the middle of the ocean. As we all know, for a fruity this is a death sentence.

As Emperor Kaido announces his victory to all of Onigashima over the speakers, we can’t help but wonder who will save our captain. Just as Luffy sinks, Momonosuke starts to have severe headaches, a situation similar to when, in Zou, Zounisha he spoke to the young heir. Perhaps it is a sign of the arrival of some other huge creature, such as i King of the sea?

One Piece, Rufy cade in mare | Jump Highlights

Not only One Piece: other Highlights of Shonen Jump

The cover of the magazine this week is dedicated to Jujutsu Kaisen, an increasingly popular manga thanks to the recent anime, and the arrival of the manga in Italy. In chapter 150, Maki, thanks to the sacrifice of his twin sister, he acquired immense power. Now he can take on the entire clan Zen’in, made up of his cruel relatives, making a real massacre.

Instead, continue in My Hero Academia the clash between Midoriyae Lady Nagant, an ex-hero turned villain, with an agreement with the All for One. In chapter 314, we discover the reasons that led the woman to revolt against the superhero system, which, as we have now learned, hides a deep corruption under the shiny patina.