Big Brain Academy arrives on Nintendo Switch in December

Big Brain Academy announced on Nintendo Switch, the new game that tests the mind of the players

He arrives Big Brain Academy: Challenge between minds for Nintendo Switch, a new multiplayer party game that tests the minds of players. The title is scheduled for the next December 3 on Nintendo Switch. In the game you will be able to test different skills such as memory, analytical skills, perception and much more. In addition to the multiplayer game it will also be possible to play in single to do daily exercises in order to keep the mind trained and raise your internal score of the game called Cervellone score.

Big Brain Academy, the new game to train the mind of Nintendo Switch

In Big Brain Academy: Challenge between minds for Nintendo Switch, players will compete in different puzzles divided into five categories: Intuition, Memory, Analysis, Algebra and Perception. The game will allow up to a maximum of four players to compete in the tests related to these categories, both locally and online. The title is very reminiscent in some respects of the famous Brain Training from which it inherits some functions. There will also be different game modes present for each type of challenge.

The first mode will be called Party, and allows four players to compete by completing the different challenges as quickly as possible. There will be different challenge levels suitable for both children and adults. Stretching mentale is a training mode that allows players to repeat their favorite activities over and over again. Examination is a mode in which players are put to the test in five activities run by Prof. Bilancini. By achieving high scores you will earn in-game coins to unlock with new clothes for your avatar. Finally, the last mode, called Phantom Challenge, will allow you to challenge the game data recorded by your family or friends, to try to exceed their score.

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