I monopattini di Bird Rides Italy garantiscono sicurezza e stabilità thumbnail

Bird Rides Italy scooters guarantee safety and stability

Bird Rides Italy scooters guarantee safety and stability. Thumbnail

Bird Rides Italy, leading global company in the micro-mobility sector, continues its investment program to offer safe and stable scooters, in all conditions of use. According to data from a study by the Society of Automotive Engineers, lthe size of the platform is an important element to ensure the safety of the scooter. In fact, as the size of the platform increases, there is also an increase in the stability of the vehicle.

Bird scooters focus on maximum stability

The solutions proposed by Bird Rides Italy scooters fully satisfy the safety requirements. Footboards less than 46 cm long, in fact, have considerable stability problems. For this reason, the new scooters of Bird Rides Italy come to measure 63.5 cm. These are deliberately longer solutions than any shared scooter. The increase in length, in fact, guarantees greater stability at any speed of use. Other design choices, such as wider handlebars and beginner mode, make Bird scooters truly affordable for everyone.

The expert’s comment

The Dot. Hoda Koushyar, Professor at Tufts University, comments on the results of the study: “Balance can be defined as the ability to maintain the center of mass (COM) on its support base (BOS) and a larger BOS ensures greater stability. To ride a scooter, the greater the surface of the foot in contact with the footplate, the greater the rider’s BOS. Therefore, a wider and longer footplate would allow the user to position their feet more freely, allowing for BOS adjustment and increasing stability ”.

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