Black abyss: the film that anticipated Covid-19

Black Abyss by Ronald Russo is the horror that anticipated the Coronavirus, on view on June 1, 2021 at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila in Rome

Produced by Sergio Romoli’s ZTV Production, with the participation of Corrado Lannaioli for Mola Film International and executive producer Massimo Paolucci, Abisso nero is the new horror directed by Ronald Russo, which boasts a long filmography as an actor at the service of true masters of genre cinema, from Umberto Lenzi (Rome at gunpoint) to Richard Donner (Ladyhawke), up to Bruno Mattei (The island of the living dead).

Dedicated to doctors and nurses who have lost their lives and to those who have fought and are still struggling to fight the Coronavirus and allow a gradual return to normal, Black Abyss was written and filmed before the emergency linked to Covid-19.

Black abyss: the horror plot that anticipated the Covid-19 pandemic

The planet is collapsing! Some scholars, especially biologists and environmentalists, argue that the current population has already exceeded the natural limits of the Earth, so the powerful of the world have made the decision to eliminate at least half of the population by spreading a lethal virus that does not kill, but transforms people. in aggressive and monstrous beings in order to spread the contagion like wildfire. The virus is injected starting with political dissidents, those in prisons and hospitals.

With the infected subsequently annihilated and set on fire and the disease decimating more than half of mankind, those who are left are happy to have survived so much pain and atrocity. But, in the attic of a villa outside the city, Sonia (Ydalia Suarez), or, better, what remains of the beautiful woman she was, is held prisoner by the man who madly loved her, Marco (Robert Madison), a doctor in looking for a cure to heal it.

Literally crazy following the death of his daughter Angie (Angelica Cheyenne), moreover, Marco has turned into a sort of serial killer who wanders at night in search of sacrificial victims to offer to the ferocity of his partner, choosing them among those who, among thugs , pimp and corrupt politicians, according to him deserve punishment.

Together with Robert Madison, recently seen in the TV series Leonardo, Ydalia Suarez of In the land of cannibals and the newcomer Angelica Cheyenne, are part of the cast of Black Abyss Francesco Maria Dominedò, Walter Toschi, Gianluca Testa, Costantino Comito, Veronica Urban, Melina Arena, Roberto Conte, Sandro De Luca, Maria Sofia Palmieri, Dafne Barbieri, Pierfrancesco Ceccanei, Nicolas Russo and Lilith Primavera.

Black Abyss will debut on June 1, 2021 at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila in Rome, at 19.