WRC 10: The Rally of Croatia will make its in-game debut

The Rally of Croatia makes its debut in WRC 10, the new chapter of the renowned racing series developed by KT Racing

Within WRC 10 we will also be able to compete in the very important Rally of Croatia. The competition took place only a few weeks ago, and ended with the victory of the French Sebastien Ogier, for a gap of only six tenths from the second classified, the Welshman Elfyn Evans. The race was full of emotions, and soon players will also be able to try it on their gaming stations.

Here are the characteristics of the Rally of Croatia in WRC 10

The Rally of Croatia within WRC 10 will feature a path completely covered with asphalt. Therefore, there will be no dirt or snow-covered areas, which have always been some of the most difficult obstacles in the series. The course will also be characterized by very narrow streets, which will require the player to perfectly measure speed so as not to run into some unpleasant accident.

WRC 10: The Rally of Croatia will make its in-game debut

The Rally of Croatia, however, will not be the only one in the game. The competitions in which we will be able to compete will be different. Between the historical rallies, will be present the rallies of Acropoli, San remo, Germany, Argentina, plus two others not yet announced; the new 4 rallies included in the title, on the other hand, are those of Estonia, Croatia, Belgium e Spain. WRC 10 will boast more than twenty legendary cars in its interior and 52 official teams of the 2021 season. 4K e 60 fps on PC and next generation consoles.

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