Blizzard: the manufacturer is working on several new games

It was revealed in a recent interview that the well-known production company Blizzard is pursuing the development of several new games

As far as we were aware so far, the new games currently under development at Blizzard were two: Diablo IV e Overwatch 2. As revealed by the game director of World of Warcraft Ion Hazzikostas in a recent interview with the famous IGN magazine, other projects are also in the works, of which the company is almost ready to reveal the details.

Blizzard: what can we expect from the new games

In the interview Hazzikostas did not make specific statements regarding the new games currently in development at Blizzard, but he wanted to specify that through these the company wants to launch a new and exciting phase of one’s professional life. In the same discussion, the game director was keen to reiterate that Blizzard has always provided for each of its creative phases a long life cycle, with the aim of fully exploiting the possibilities of all the titles developed, and that these new projects are destined to open a new cycle.

Blizzard: the manufacturer is working on several new games

Ion Hazzikosta’s enthusiasm seems to indicate that important news is about to be revealed and that Blizzard is truly ready to enter a new phase. If so, it would definitely be one positive news, given the recent past of the famous manufacturer. The latter over the past year has seen some prominent names drop out of development teams; it must also deal with a significant drop in the number of players who, for some years now, have inexorably decreased in number.

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