Twitch: created the new category for Hot Tubs

In recent months, there have been many controversies against various streamers and their live shows in which more or less explicit nudity is shown: Twitch has decided to meet the problem, at least in part, and has created a new category dedicated to Hot Tubs .

After months of controversy regarding clothing and the rules of conduct of Twitch, the company has created a dedicated section, called “Pool, Hot Tub and Beaches”. The news was made official by a company owned by Amazon, which posted an announcement on its blog. The announcement comes after various controversies regarding some content that was uploaded to the platform, according to many inappropriate and not contemplating the rules of conduct of the platform. Let’s see below where this decision by Twitch to create one comes from new category for Hot Tubs, and what it might entail in the future.

Twitch creates the new category to protect Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs are that Twitch format (so far without a dedicated category) in which content creators in swimsuits talk and interact with viewers while inside tubs or pools. Previously, those who made this type of content put their live in the category “Just Chatting”, arousing negative reactions from some of the public, who claimed that Twitch’s rules of conduct were being broken in this way. Well, Twitch itself has claimed that this kind of content it does not go against the guidelines of conduct, and which therefore will henceforth be considered totally legitimate. Hence the need to create a separate category.

While we have guidelines on sexually suggestive content, being judged sexy by others is not against our rules, and Twitch will not take legal action against women, or anyone in our service, for their perceived beauty.

Twitch: created the new category for Hot Tubs

In addition to the aforementioned words, Twitch has also taken a stand against employee towards streamers, regardless of their actions or intentions. Finally, it was added that:

Under our current policies regarding nudity, clothing and sexually suggestive content, streamers may appear in a bathing suit in contextually appropriate situations (on the beach or in a hot tub for example) and we allow creative content such as body writing or bodysuit painting, provided the streamer has adequate coverage as outlined by our apparel policy.

The controversy surrounding the sudden demonetization of the streamer was also addressed Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa who, along with many others, suddenly saw their own channel demonetized without notice, apparently due to reports from some advertisers. Twitch admitted to having committed some mistakes, however, specifying that advertisers actually have the ability to decide where they can limit their advertisements. In any case, Twitch has confirmed that it is working with individual streamers affected by this demonetization to solve the problem.

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