PS5: Sony intends to help gamers with a patent

Game Help is Sony’s idea for a patent aimed at helping PS5 players stuck: the “automatic” guides according to PlayStation

The features they have been able to render PS5 so palatable before the release include Activities, which today finds its spiritual heir with the Game Help patent for gamers. This blue console family plan aims to replace the search for help online, because looking for a video on YouTube inevitably breaks the pace of gameplay. In some console games, the so-called “Activity Cards” function is already available, and sometimes even includes screenshots, guides and videos. However, quality-of-life services seem to want to go even further.

The PS5 quality of life patent

This new PS5 patent is from four days ago, and reveals another improvement for gamers following the Game Help videos. There is talk of the possibility of adding criteria able to understand if a player is having problems or not. Based on the estimated average time to complete a section or an entire game, the software in question can decide whether the time spent in a single point proves excessive or not. If this threshold is exceeded, the video is automatically played (or at least the image is opened) to help the players who have remained still.

PS5: Sony intends to help gamers with a patent

The identifiers are not aimed only at the Sony console, given the presence of so many possible platforms on which to play each title between console and smartphone. The experience of each player can in fact vary according to the hardware, and the same goes for the help sought. The patent also aims to reduce this margin of error. For now we do not know how in-depth the help offered by Sony is, if it is online videos, who uploaded them in this case, or if it is instead of internal video clips. Until then, remember that we at have so many guides to offer.

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