BMW Motorrad presenta Concept CE 02 thumbnail

BMW Motorrad presenta Concept CE 02

BMW Motorrad presenta Concept CE 02 thumbnail

BMW motorcycle presents a new interpretation of urban mobility on two wheels on the occasion of IAA Mobility 2021 unveiling the Concept CE 02. This electric concept presents itself as a different mobility offer, defined by the company as “tempting and highly emotional” and different from a classic motorcycle or a scooter. Concept CE 02 aims to be characterized as a breath of fresh air for urban electric mobility on two wheels.

BMW Motorrad svela Concept CE 02

Concept CE 02 presents compact size and “youthful” proportions addressing an unprecedented target group, the one aged 16 and over. The project aims to conquer those people who have never ridden a motorcycle but who are increasingly interested in new mobility experiences. The vehicle has a mass of 120 kilograms and an 11 kW electric motor. Concept CE 02 is able to guarantee one maximum speed of 90 km / h with a range of 90 kilometers. The BMW Motorrad project presents itself as the ideal vehicle for modern urban mobility.

The company comment

Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad, points out: “At first glance, there is little about the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 that is typically BMW Motorrad – it’s something completely new. We want to commit to creating something innovative and pioneering – which is what we have proven to be with various projects in the past. Concept CE 02 presents new proportions and modern forms for urban mobility on two wheels “

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