My Hero Academia: l’addio a Star and Stripe | Jump Highlights

The new chapter of My Hero Academia is titled “Parting Gift”, the gift that Star and Stripe, dying, gives to the world: delaying the rise of the All for One. Start a new gag-manga signed Ihara, Protect me, Shugomaru!

The clash between All for One e Star and Stripe ended tragically. The heroine disciple of All Might could not defeat the opponent, ending up having her very powerful quirk stolen.

Realizing that, with a quirk like New Order in his possession, the All for One would be unstoppable, Star and Stripe makes one last, desperate gesture. By ordering his quirk to turn on others, he immediately causes extensive damage within the body of Shigaraki.

The villain manages to save himself at the last minute, giving the quirk to the first person he finds, an escaped criminal. New Order therefore cannot be used by the All for One yet, but it still remains in circulation, in unsafe hands.

Upon hearing the news of the death of Star and Stripes, the governments of the world decide to withdraw their heroes, and no longer help Japan. Now, Midoriya and the others have just over a week to find and defeat Shigaraki before the All for One has fully ascended.

My Hero Academia: l'addio a Star and Stripe | Jump Highlights

Not only My Hero Academia: start Protect me, Shugomaru!

This week Shueisha introduces another new title to its stable, as seems to be available on MangaPlus. It is about Protect me, Shugomaru!, a manga written and illustrated by Daiki Ihara.

Ihara is a veteran of gag-manga, with works that prey on the early ten years. This new work of his fits in perfect continuity with his curriculum, showing itself as a title without pretensions in any field.

The premises are simple: Sanagi she is a young scion of high society who has to start school. Being the target of assassination attempts, she is assigned a bodyguard, Shugomaru. The little boy is only ten years old and too zealous to do his job, causing more damage than anything else.

The first chapter of Protect me, Shugomaru! it has nothing original, and does not leave strong impressions, not even in terms of entertainment. Even in the field of manga-based gags, in Shonen Jump there are titles that work much better, such as Witch Watch and Magu-chan: God of Destruction.

On the magazine, gag-manga, unlike battle shonen, can continue for a long time, even when they don’t perform at the top. Protect me, Shugomaru !, therefore, could continue, but his business card does not seem to guarantee him the podium of the titles.