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Fujifilm Italia presents Selfportrait as Myself, online dialogues on self-portrait

After last year’s success from 9 March to 19 October, Selfportrait as Myself returns, a series of online dialogues conceived and conducted by Simona Ghizzoni and dedicated to the theme of identity and self-portrait in the photographic field. All web meetings will be available on the social channels of Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia. Due to the strong identity of the project and the ability to be able to give a voice to professionals of the sector of different backgrounds and ages, Fujifilm Italia is involved in the project as a brand partner of Selfportrait as Myself.

Fujifilm Italia has always promoted the culture of the image, supporting projects, events and initiatives focused on the artistic, pragmatic and investigative expression of photography. In this case he explores the theme of self-representation in photography, alongside Simona Ghizzoni and the Forma per la Fotografia Foundation for a series of meetings focused on the theme of identity and self-portrait in one shot.

In the six dialogues of last year, Simona Ghizzoni had involved as many Italian photographers, moving between different styles, researches and interpretations of the female autobiographical tale. Selfportrait as Myself resumes from here, with six authors who have chosen the path of autobiographical narration to get to know each other and tell about themselves: Cristina Nunez, Besana guide, Alessandro Albert, Paolo Ventura, Cristina Vatielli e Free Mazzoleni. The first appointment is set for Wednesday 9 March, at 7 pm.

The collaboration between Fujifilm Italia and Selfportrait as Myself

Fujifilm Italy

A novelty of this edition is the direct involvement of the public through social media, with the hashtag #SelfportraitAsMyself, which will turn into a large collective archive on self-portrait. The images of the participants, accompanied by exclusive content, articles and reflections on the topic will be available on the website of the Forma per la Fotografia Foundation, in a dedicated area.

Thanks also to the support of Fujifilm Italia, during the new edition of Selfportrait As Myself we will pass from the therapeutic value of photography for Cristina Nuñez, to the social and feminine themes addressed by Guia Besana. There will also be space for Alessandro Albert’s unconventional self-portrait, for photography as a means of telling stories by Paolo Ventura and Cristina Vatielli and for shooting as a tool to give voice to herself by Libera Mazzoleni. The cycle will then close in November, exceptionally in attendance, by the meeting between Simona Ghizzoni and Alessia Glaviano, photo editor of Vogue Italia.

From March 9th, Simona Ghizzoni will take us to explore the creative universe of six authors in search of the meaning and value of a gesture: that of self-representation as a story of oneself.