Buying Used Books: The Best Websites | March 2021

Buying Used Books: The Best Websites |  March 2021

Used books are not relegated to dusty local markets, but can also be purchased online, quickly, cheaply and safely. Here is our selection of the best websites to buy used books, even the oldest and rarest!

Choosing used books can be an ethical, economic choice or simple convenience. In any case, more and more libraries, online and offline, offer this service to readers, even at an international level.

Buying used books online and offline: pros and cons

A bit like it happens for vintage clothes shops or those of modern antiques, the charm of second-hand bookcases is enveloping. You get lost among shelves of dated editions, colors, pages with marginal notes, precious books and dusty covers. But beyond the fascinating experience, buying a used book certainly has many advantages: low environmental impact, prices often more than halved, editions that cannot be found. Without forgetting the charm of giving life to an object and, perhaps, finding a bookmark or just left by the previous reader. The cons? Obviously, you will not be able to expect to find the new releases… but just wait a little. One piece of advice, pay attention to the purchase of books that talk about technology, those become old (and not vintage) quickly!

Used books: the best websites to buy them

Here is our list of best websites where you can buy used books at a good price and in (almost) always optimal conditions. Some portals also indicate the state of conservation of the book.


Yes we know, if it is not on Amazon it does not exist. And in fact, used books are also found here. When we buy an Amazon book it reminds us that, if available, we can also choose the “used” version. The price is certainly lower, you just have to wait a few more days for shipping.


In addition to the traditional catalog of new books, Libraccio also offers a wide selection of used ones. They are divided by category, just like they would be in bookstores. There is also a section dedicated to school texts.

Pick My Book

Also available as an app for Apple and Android, PickMyBook acts as an intermediary between those who seek and those who sell books, with a filter on the distance (in km) that allows physically withdraw them. To try!


With a truly extensive catalog, the AbeBooks website offers its customers titles ranging from contemporary fiction to collectible, rare and antique books.

World of Books

If you prefer to read in the original language, or in any case in English, WorldofBooks is the perfect virtual library. Completely dedicated to used books, here too you can browse by category. Credit for the children’s selection, a great way to initiate the little ones to reading and English. The prices are attractive, the books well kept (at least the ones we received!) And the shipping fast.


The famous IBS bookshop also has a large section dedicated to used books. The search is done through categories or, simply, through the “search” option. Once the book has been identified, you can choose whether to buy it used (e pay it about the half respect at the cover price!) or opt for the new one. In any case, the site indicates the shipping times of the chosen book. To try!

Ark of Books

Rare books e unobtainable: Sara and Lorenzo (the owners) challenge is to find them! In addition to the catalog available online, Arca dei Libri takes care of every request with the aim of satisfying it. Perfect for those looking for the impossible.


School texts and where to find them at discounted prices. Librone offers the sale (and purchase) of used school books, but also fiction and children’s books. Also some in the catalog dictionary used at half price. While it’s not particularly large, we recommend keeping an eye out for the super offers. Furthermore, for the very young, payments with the 18app are valid.

Awesome Books

Beautiful books, shipped from the UK. Among the best websites to buy used books in English language, Awesome Books offers a nice catalog, navigable by genre or popular authors, with new and used titles. But there is so much more. Awesome Books it was born in the 2000s, when Mubin and Taskeen, who already collaborated with charities for the collection of used clothing, realized that many books, even in excellent condition, were thrown away. Hence the idea of ​​giving them a second life and selling them, even online. The success and immediately enormous e Awesome Books, to pay off charities, has been operating ever since donations constantly. From 2019, for every used book purchased online, a book is donated to literary projects around the world. Beautiful and good books.

Best used books sites, the choice is not lacking!

In short, the options are really not lacking! If you prefer e-books, here we have collected some tips to choose the best.

In any case, happy reading!