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Canon EOS R8 and R50 have been unveiled •

Are you passionate about photography and want to make a leap forward in your instrumentation? Are you a content creator and are you looking for a way to offer your followers better quality? Maybe all with some simple to use tools and comfortable to adapt to every need? And then, your search is over: the brand new ones have arrived EOS R8 ed R50just unveiled by Canon. Let’s find out the details together

Let’s start immediately with the Canon EOS R8

We open the dances with the Gorgeous Canon EOS R8a full-frame camera with 24.2 megapixel sensor with a very high ISO sensitivity, capable of reaching up to 102,400 with a continuous shooting speed of 40 FPS. This makes it ideal even for the most complex situations, in which we find ourselves working in low light or with moving subjects.

And to facilitate everything (but above all to leave us speechless) it’s its weight. At just 461g, the Canon EOS R8 is the lightest in its lineup and you can feel it all. Just take it in hand to realize how compact and easy to carry. In short, a very comfortable model to adapt to many different uses, suitable for students eager to practice and creators in constant search of novelty.

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It is also a useful tool for video shooting. It allows you to record filmati in 4K a 60p in oversampling dal 6K, but also at 180fps in Full HD. Very high quality therefore, accompanied by a compatibility with decidedly long times. Indeed, we will be able to record up to two continuous hoursbecoming a perfect companion for vloggers and storytellers.

Not to mention all the possibilities offered by its connections. There built-in presence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allows you to manage your photographic archives in absolute lightness. Not only that but it becomes possible too use it as webcam with the right connections. In short, the Canon EOS R8 therefore becomes a very convenient tool for all content creators who want a high level of quality.

From Canon EOS R8 to Canon EOS R50

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Ma this is not the only novelty presented today by the well-known company in the photography sector. In addition to Canon EOS R8 also comes on the market indeed Canon EOS R50a model that is perfect as an entry point for the EOS R range. And we’re not just talking about price.

It’s about a fotocamera mirrorless, even more compact than the previous one, both in terms of size and weight, resulting in a truly comfortable tool in every situation. Thanks to specific functions then allows you to get automatic settings dedicated, to enter this world easily, also thanks to the 3″ tilting touch screen.

It is indeed ideal for creators and enthusiasts in their infancy, who perhaps want to switch from a simple smartphone to something more. A 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor will deliver clear, detailed photos with a video recording in 4K at 30pin oversampling dal 6K.

Also in this case we find enhanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, for quickly transmit your shots and retouch using the Camera Connect app or share them on social media. The multifunction sled can also be useful for expand the accessories available and get more out of your machine.

The system DUAL Pixel CMOS Auto Focus II it will detect people, animals and vehicles allowing them to be tracked to focus them optimally even on the move. And when you want to proceed with a burst you will be able to get dai 12 ai 15 fps depending on your settings, to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Two new lenses in the Canon range

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Along with these two cars also make their debut two new goals which expand the range already available. It starts fromRF 24-50mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM, a lightweight model with a 2x zoom. This lens is equipped with advanced image stabilization that reaches 4.5 stops and can reach 7 with IBIS with EOS R models. A real help for its users.

The customizable lens control ring allows you to move easily between modes, accompanied by a fast and silent STM focus motor. Its compatibility with EOS R series cameras (such as the Canon EOS R8) offers the possibility of further expand the obtainable results through internal functions.

The second lens presented by Canon is theRF-S 55-210mm F5-7.1 IS STM, which allows for a huge variety in zoom, reaching approximately 3.8x. In this way you can approach subjects even at a good distance, without sacrificing the sharpness of the photo. Also in this case then the STM focusing system is particularly silent, which is key when shooting video.

For all these reasons it turns out one outstanding tool in combination with the RF-S 18-45mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM, the main lens associated with the EOS R50. Keeping both in your bag allows you to cover a huge variety of situations, to always get the best possible result, all with particular attention to accessibility.

All Canon EOS R8 and Canon EOS R50 prices

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We now come to the recommended prices for the sale of these new models. For EOS R50 it starts from €899.99 for the camera body alone, which becomes €999.99 with the RF-S18-45mm lens and €1209.99 if the aforementioned 55-210mm is also added, or €1049.99 if opt for the Creator kit with microphone and tripod. A special option concerns the charming white version of EOS R50available together with the RF-S18-45mm lens for €999.99.

As for instead Canon EOS R8will be available for €1,899.99 with the body alone, and €2,099.99 in combination with the RF 24-50mm F4.5-6.3 lens.

If you want to buy instead only goalsthe latter will be on the market at €419.99, while theRF-S 55-210mm F 5-7.3 it will reach €469.99.

For more information, please visit the official Canon website.