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Cate Blanchett: the five best films

Cate Blanchett does not triumph at the Oscars 2023 with the Best Actress award, but she remains an extraordinary actress: let’s discover together the five best films she has played

Cate Blanchett has been proving to be the extraordinary actress she always was in recent years and this latest Oscar nomination for Best Actress proves it. She failed to win the award, which went to Michelle Yeoh instead per il film Every Everything Everywhere All at Once. There are many of her interpretations, in cinema, animated films, theater, the art world, because she is an eclectic actress who does not hold back in the face of interesting projects.

Cate Blanchett: the five best films

But what are the five best films he starred in? We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the top five performances by her. It is a list that follows a chronological order and not in quality of interpretation and which obviously was very difficult to draw up, because there are so many titles in which Cate Blanchett has shone.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age | Cate Blanchett: the five best films

Elizabeth: The Golden Age is a historical-biographical film on Queen Elizabeth of England in the sixteenth century, the years of the so-called Golden Age of the British Kingdom, of Shakespeare, of power plots and great conquests. Sequel to the film Elizabeth, which always sees Cate Blanchett as the protagonist, a film that enters a character, in its deepest, character and emotional aspects. Cate Blanchett plays a Queen who by her choice was rigid and icy representing all the hardships and difficulties of her position. A film that we recommend, not only for her interpretation of her, but precisely for how she has taken up an important historical role and, although with due poetic license, has managed to do justice to an entire era.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age is available on Prime Video for members or purchasable on Chili.

Cate Blanchett: the five best films

The Aviator | Cate Blanchett: the five best films

The Aviator is a colossal film directed by Martin Scorzese starring Leonardo Di Caprio in almost 3 hours of film. This film earned Cate Blanchett the first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, for her portrayal of Katherine Hepburn and her brief relationship and friendship with Howard Hughes, entrepreneur, director, aviator and film producer. A very right Oscar award, for a role that was only in part of a film, but which was able to do justice to Katherin Hepburn, representing her with great delicacy, elegance and also showing off her most private side.

The Aviator is available on Netflix for all subscribers and we absolutely recommend catching it up.

Blue Jasmin | Cate Blanchett: the five best films

Blue Jasmine is a film by Woody Allen that chooses Cate Blanchett as the absolute protagonist and returns after so many years to put a woman at the center of his stories as happened with Diane Keaton in his first films. And this choice turned out to be impeccable, because it offers a film in its perfect style, with a Cate Blanchett who wins the award for Best Actress. Jasmine is a neurotic character, with psychological instabilities and a constant desire to have a comfortable life. A bitter comedy, inspired by the theatrical drama A Streetcar Named Desire, in perfect Woody Allen style: a carousel of positive and negative emotions, mixing laughter and dramatic moments. Here, a histrionic Cate Blanchett very different from previous interpretations and able to give all the right and different facets of her character.

Blue Jasmine is available to purchase or rent on Prime Video and Apple TV.

Carol | Cate Blanchett: the five best films

Two years after this Oscar, Cate Blanchett is the protagonist of Carol, a film directed by Todd Haynes which, despite the various Oscar nominations both for performances and for best film, unfortunately did not win any. A film that pays homage to the LGBT community in the right way with a full and delicate love story and above all before a dramatic ending. Cate Blanchett is Carol, one of the roles that perhaps most of all has remained with her: an icy and elegant woman from 1950s America who falls in love with Therese, a young photographer who she meets by chance during the Christmas period.

The film is gorgeous, delicate and Cate Blanchett demonstrates all her talent, not only in playing a complex character but also in the chemistry she created with Rooney Mara, interpreter of Therese. Their romance felt so strong, with all the hardships and sufferings it entailed for both characters.

Carol is available to buy or rent on Prime Video and Apple TV.

Tar | Cate Blanchett: the five best films

His latest film could not be missing from this list, Tàr directed by Todd Field on which the director worked for many years and where Cate Blanchett is the absolute protagonist. A dramatic film, with its flaws, if it weren’t for a giant Cate Blanchett: hers is a solo, in which she holds up very well the almost three hours of film between drama and anguish of a controversial character, torn between an enormous musical talent and questionable morals.

Cate Blanchett’s skill is such that almost make us empathize with Tàr, although she is not a heroine, in fact she is far from being one: but her ghosts and dramas consume her to the point that she too becomes a human being.

Tàr is a difficult film, for the subject matter, for its rarefied atmosphere, for its style that travels from drama to psychological thriller and for this very reason it doesn’t shine for perfection. Cate Blanchett, however, here again proves to be an exceptional actress, able to interpret any character and enter everyone’s life.

And do you agree with these films that we have chosen? Let us know what you think and keep following for updates on movies and TV series.

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