CBD for eSports: everything you need to know

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In recent years, the trend of eSports has spread, complete with competitions and tournaments to watch online

At first glance they may appear to be nothing more than gods video gamesbut the growing number of public and the competitiveness achieved by this phenomenon has brought the eSports to be equated to traditional sports. In fact, like an athlete, a player needs concentration and quick reflexes, which is why many have started using CBD oil to relieve stress and keep their performance high. Let’s see why this hemp derivative can be useful.

Calms muscle aches

Many think that playing doesn’t require real physical effort, since you’re sitting. Actually a professional gamer he may suffer from muscle pain just like an athlete. The sitting posture can in fact bring harm to the lower part of the back, and the tendons in the hand can become inflamed, causing carpal tunnel. Using a CBD oil cream can help relieve inflammation and relax hand and wrist muscles after heavy use.

CBD for eSports: everything you need to know

CBD and anxiety in eSports

Using CBD oil is also helpful for staying focused. A competition, both traditional and online, can produce anxiety and fear of not being up to par. An e-gamer needs to keep focus on the game, and must have strategic thinking skills to quickly choose their moves. In this case, CBD proves to be perfect for relax your mind and relieve stress, especially in view of an important tournament. Not only that, cannabidiol it also improves the quality of sleepmaking the mind calmer and ready to play.

CBD for eSports: everything you need to know

It has no side effects

Many think that CBD oil is a drug, which is why there is a lot of misconceptions about its use. Actually the ESL (Electronic Sports League, the world’s largest organization that manages eSports), has prohibited the use of marijuana and its derivatives in competitions, but not that of CBD.

This is because cannabidiol, unlike other cannabis derivatives, it has no psychoactive effects (such as concentration problems, irritability, mood swings, etc…), therefore it cannot be considered doping. On the contrary, CBD oil produces benefits for the body and mind, and the e-gamers who have tried it have only confirmed its effectiveness. Having said that, the important thing is to always choose quality products, and which contain the percentage of oil permitted by sports associations.

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