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Navimow by Segway: even smarter with VisionFence

Navimow by Segway is renewed with VisionFence, the accessory that uses artificial intelligence to make the robot lawnmower even smarter. The award-winning Navimow and the new VisionFence sensor are the winning combination to give new life to your garden

Segway, an intelligent mobility and robotics company, announces the arrival in Italy of the innovative VisionFence Sensor, the new accessory based on artificial intelligence for Navimow. The lawnmower, left last year, is enriched with this new sensor, becoming even more unique in its kind. In fact, this product is the only one that does not use physical barriers to delimit the perimeter of action. It also features intelligent app control, centimeter-precise positioning with Segway’s Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) and systematic mowing path for perfectly manicured lawns.

Details on the new VisionFence sensor for Segway Navimow

Featuring built-in AI technology, Segway’s new VisionFence Sensor accessory allows Navimow to mow any type of lawn smarter and more precisely than ever before. VisionFence sensor’s dedicated AI chip and advanced eye recognition algorithm, help Navimow recognize more objects faster and more accurately. Thanks to the new accessory that integrates an artificial neural network structured with a large number of data, the mower is always able to identify the perimeter of the lawn, even when working in particularly complex areas and the EFLS satellite signal is weak. Finally, the visual technology of the new sensor gives Navimow a greater ability to detect moving objects, useful for protecting small animals wandering around the garden.

Navimow by Segway: even smarter with VisionFence

Smart lawn maintenance, quieter, safer and longer lasting than ever before

Designed for up to 3,000 square meters of lawn area, Segway Navimow is one of the smartest, quietest and safest lawn mowers on the market. The Exact Fusion tracking system allows the Navimow to select the optimal mowing path and automatically change the mowing direction after completing a revolution. Thus avoiding the traces left by repeated paths and keeping the lawn healthier. The noise level is reduced to 54 decibels, the quietest in the industry, equivalent to a standard electric toothbrush. Designed with safety in mind, Navimow is equipped with several built-in sensors: an IMU (inertial platform) and a sensor for front and rear lift, as well as VisionFence and Bump sensors. The combination of these solutions allows the mower to avoid obstacles, such as flower pots, which are automatically detected by the unit and bypassed. The BladeHalt sensor provides an extra layer of safety, stopping the blades if an object contacts the sensing area. Finally, with an IPX6 waterproof level, Navimow is built to last and can be easily washed down with a high pressure garden hose.

Smart control with Navimow app: perfect lawn care at a touch from anywhere

The Navimow app doubles as a product information hub and smart remote control. The installation will be very simple and will take no more than 20-30 minutes. In fact, thanks to the detailed video tutorials and simple guidelines, users will be able to set up their mower quickly. Just download the Navimow application from the App Store or Google Play and follow a series of simple instructions to draw a virtual border of your lawn. In addition to using the Navimow app to set and adjust the mowing area, users can operate and monitor the mower remotely from anywhere at any time. Additionally, you can set up an anti-theft alarm and have your product up to date by downloading over-the-air (OTA) upgrades via the app. The application can also be used to adjust the height of the mower, choosing from 7 blade disc positions available for grass lengths between 30 and 60 mm.

Statements about Segway’s new Navimow with VisionFence

Segway has applied its extensive knowledge of robotics to products ranging from self-balancing scooters to delivery robots. We first entered the robotic lawnmower market in 2021. Last year we launched Navimow in 12 European countries and feedback from thousands of users has helped us to continuously optimize our product. Customers can rest assured that their mower will always follow a set path, only swerving to avoid obstacles and unexpected events. With Navimow and our latest VisionFence sensor, we have created an intuitive, intelligent and independent robotic lawnmower. The advanced understanding of the surrounding environment and the ability of Navimow to adapt to unexpected scenarios make the user’s life even easier, no longer having to lift a finger to get a perfect lawn.

said George RenCEO of Segway Navimow BU.

Navimow by Segway: even smarter with VisionFence

Prices and availability

Navimow is available for purchase in four different models with a list price ranging from 1,499 to 2,699 euros. VisionFence Sensor will be available in March as an option, with a list price of 299.99 euros. A promotional program will be active until May 31st for all users who purchase Navimow before the expiry date. This will allow you to get VisionFence Sensor at a discounted price of 189.99 euros. Prior to purchase, customers are provided with a scorecard to determine if Navimow can achieve optimal mowing performance for their lawns. Different aspects are taken into consideration, such as the shape of the garden and the presence of large buildings or tall trees, to best advise the client. Also, you can decide if VisionFence is indispensable for your garden based on the data shown. Once the evaluation card is finished, customers will receive a unique code to later activate the mower.

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