Chinese SUVs in Italy: the complete list

Cucce per cani: come scegliere le migliori?

Let’s find out what are the best Chinese SUVs for sale in Italy. Here they are all in detail

Recent years, increasingly characterized by the transition to electric power and the presence of SUVs in the price lists of car manufacturers, have also seen a growing weight on the Italian and European market of Chinese SUVs of all types and sizes. Until recently, when it came to Chinese products, many turned up their noses. However, one has recently been witnessed trend reversalpartly due to the need to try to maximize savings by seeking the best solutions quality price.

It is therefore not surprising that the list of Chinese SUVs for sale in Italy is constantly updated. After all, many, to save money, evaluate alternative solutions to purchase such as, for example, long-term car rental. At companies such as it is possible to request this solution for all the main SUV models, including the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Let’s now see an overview of the Chinese SUVs available in Italy, identifying their characteristics and strengths.

1-Link & Co. 01

In this case, it is a Chinese SUV car among the best known outside China, produced by the same group that owns Volvo, historic Swedish car manufacturer. Among Chinese SUVs, it stands out for being compact in size and available at a decidedly affordable cost. It has a hybrid design that allows you to use the electric battery to travel a significant amount of kilometers without consuming fuel.

The exterior appearance is also appreciable and the interiors are consistent with those of the market segment, allowing you to tackle even the long trips with the whole family in maximum comfort. The steering is precise enough and the passenger compartment surprises for the refinement of the materials used.

2- Chery Omoda 5

A Chinese SUV in Italy is very interesting Chery Omoda 5, a car that stands out for its sinuous bodywork and captivating look that marries perfectly with the refined interiors. One of the strengths of Chinese SUVs is precisely the value for money, and in this the Chery Omoda 5 does not disappoint. The electric motor has a maximum power of 204 cv and a battery of 64 kWh with a range of over 450 kilometres.

The car was developed on a platform specifically designed to accommodate the electric powertrains and this has made it possible to offer excellent internal modularity. With this Chinese SUV car, to be clear, you can count on a load compartment that exceeds 360 liters of capacity. It is also impossible not to say a few words about the on-board technology, highlighted by the two displays in the center of the dashboard dedicated to instrumentation and infotainment.

3- Byton M-Byte

The list of available Chinese SUVs is increasingly complete in terms of characteristics and, in recent years, the already extensive list has also been joined by the Byton M-Byte, an electric crossover SUV with streamlined lines, which makes elegance its main feature. quality. Another strong point not to be underestimated is that of the combination with a 272 cv e battery and 72 kW/h for a maximum autonomy of 360 kilometres. Furthermore, with the all-wheel drive model, the available horsepower rises to 408 cvwith an accumulator from 95 kW/h and an autonomy of 550 kilometres with a single charge.

The passenger compartment is in line with that of the other Chinese SUVs on sale in Italy, configurable as five or four-seater with sliding seats and with the right amount of technology on board. Specifically, you can count on a mega screen of 49’’ which replaces the dashboard and allows you to interact with the various devices, including the voice assistant. Even the trunk is in line with that of the best Chinese and European SUVs, with a capacity of 550 literswhich they become 1450 reclining the rear seats.

4- MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid

In the search for the purchase of the perfect Chinese Suv car for your needs, the advice is to also evaluate the MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid, the second Chinese SUV model to arrive in Europe (the first model to land on European shores was the electric EV). In truth, it would be a British brand, which however passed under the control of the Chinese giant SAIC in 2007. With a length of 4570 mm, it is a medium-sized SUV with sinuous shapes and a certain personality, highlighted among other things by the slim headlights and the grille with 3D effect.

The passenger compartment meets high expectations, being above average compared to other Chinese SUVs. Of note are the leather seats and the faux leather upholstery of the dashboard and door panels. There is also a touch of sportiness due to the enveloping seats and the aluminum pedals. The space on board for passengers is plentiful and the trunk strong 451 liters of declared minimum capacity, arrives at 1271 liters of capacity with the sofa reclined. Among the Chinese SUVs for sale in Italy, the MG EHS it stands out for its quality and decidedly competitive prices.

5- Friend H2

The last Chinese SUV in Italy on our list is theFriend H2, a front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive compact SUV/crossover, marking the debut of Great Wall, one of the most important manufacturers in Beijing, Italy. Available with petrol/LPG fuel, this SUV also has a spacious passenger compartment, despite a length of “only” 4340 mm, ideal for getting around the city too. It is a car that makes sobriety its distinctive trait and is highly recommended to all those looking for an affordable and quality compact SUV.

Not only that, this model also guarantees reduced consumption and performance that is always up to the situation. Already with the basic set-up it can boast excellent equipment, in the Premium version it also includes leather inserts and full optional equipment. Overall, this Chinese SUV It has a good level of build, comfortable front seats, lots of interior space and high-quality ergonomics.

In conclusion, anyone wishing to buy a Chinese SUV in Italy has a good choice of cars available. With each passing year, more and more Asian manufacturers arrive in Europe, proposing a car fleet whose quality is constantly improving. For further updates from the world of engines and from the nerd and tech world in general, keep tuning in to