Choetech BH-T01 review: the new inexpensive true-wireless earphones

The new Choetech BH-T01 true wireless earphones have interesting features and a trendy design. But, in general, how are they doing?

Choetech, a well-known manufacturer of hi-tech products intended for multiple uses, is now almost a fixed appointment in our reviews. After having tested numerous products related above all to the charging of devices, today we are talking about a product that brings the company into the market of cheap true wireless Bluetooth headsets. The subject of our review is the new inexpensive true wireless Bluetooth earbuds Choetech BH-T01 which differ from the various competitors first of all for the colore Total White, by a integrated processor V 5.0 and for the presence of quick and intuitive touch controls.

Data sheet

  • Technology: Bluetooth 5, HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, AAC;
  • Input: 5V 1A;
  • Output: 5V 100mA;
  • Interface: USB-C;
  • Speaker size: 10 mm;
  • Transmission range: 10 m;
  • Sensitivity: 96dB +3dB;
  • Impedance: 32 ohm;
  • Earphone Battery: 40 mAh;
  • Battery case: 400 mAh;
  • Earphone Charging Time: 1.5 ore;
  • Case Charging Time: 2 ore;
  • Playback autonomy: 4-5 ore;
  • Call autonomy: 3.5 ore;
  • Autonomy Standby: 300 ore;
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 20kHz;

Sales and design packaging | Choetech BH-T01 Review

The sales package is as minimal as it is functional. A small box in thick white cardboard in which an exploded view of the product stands out on the front with the name at the bottom and the water-green company logo at the top left and the main characteristics and certifications on the back. Once the small box with a convenient vertical sliding mechanism is opened, inside we find the Choetech BH-T01 earphones stored in the appropriate case, a USB-A / USB-C charging cable, spare ear tips with two different sizes, an instruction manual (one quick and one complete) and a 24-month warranty.

Choetech BH-T01 review: the new affordable true-wireless earphones


  • Choetech BH-T01 review: the new inexpensive true-wireless earphones


  • Both the charging case and the earbuds are made in white ABS plastic which makes them resistant to both shocks and scratches. The dock is simple, compact and has a rounded shape with the upper side that can be opened and the lower flat surface where there is the USB-C port for charging. The lid has a sensor that detects exactly when it is opened or closed and this is observable through and LED white on the front and by turning on the small LEDs in the head of the earphones.

    The shape of the case and its small size ensure good portability and excellent handling even with one hand. The aforementioned LED, unfortunately, does not indicate the charge status of the case or earphones and this is a real shame: trivially if it lights up it means that there is still residual charge, if it does not light it means that everything is totally discharged.

    Choetech BH-T01 review: the new affordable true-wireless earphones

    Moving on to the earphones, these have an elongated shape in Stile EarPods, but with a more rounded and slightly inclined head to allow a good insertion into the auricle and greater comfort during long listening sessions. In the external part of the head stands the flat surface in the shape of a circumference which is the small touch panel for gestures.

    Here stands out both the Choetech writing in gray and the small LED mentioned above which changes color from white to red according to the state of coupling or use, but also in this case not of charge. Under the LED there is also the microphone for the detection of the voice in call or for the voice assistant.

    Functionality, comfort and autonomy | Choetech BH-T01 Review

    Pairing with devices is quick and after the first time, yes connect / disconnect automatically and quickly when removed / added to the case. In the tests carried out with a Xiaomi Mi10 and a Redmi Note 5 I did not have any problems with either pairing or disconnection thanks to the functional Bluetooth 5.0. Little nice note are some precise voice messages that are heard during some functions such as the low battery which is communicated through the message “Low Battery, Please Charge” repeated every three minutes.

    Choetech BH-T01 review: the new affordable true-wireless earphones

    As for the touch sensors these are very precise and take up to 8 gesture with a lot of volume adjustment function. The touch sensors of these Choetech BH-T01 earphones are very precise and the circular shape slightly hollowed in the head guarantee excellent touch safety and the impossibility of activating some function by mistake. This is also due to the fact that the touch must be dry and simply touching the sensor is not enough.

    Before moving on to the analysis of audio quality, let’s put a magnifying glass on comfort and autonomy. The first is, in a nutshell, formidable: Choetech has managed to make earphones from the form factor perfectly compatible with every ear and the rubber pads of various sizes do not bother even after hours of use thanks to the very low weight which is around 12 grams. The autonomy is good, just above the average range of the earphones: in our tests we can confirm the company data with a use of the earphones at medium-low volume, while at maximum volume the autonomy drops to about three and a half hours .

    How do they feel? | Choetech BH-T01 Review

    So let’s move on to the most important part of this review: how do the Choetech BH-T01 earphones feel? Unfortunately, here we find the real and only flaw of these earphones, as well as the most important: the audio quality is not brilliant. The tests I perform are always the same for each audio device tested and these are the results:

    I started with a 320Kbps MP3 version on Spotify of U2’s Red Flag Day song and the impact was very disappointing, but I blamed the input quality not being very high quality. The voice was clear, but the instruments all seemed very mixed with a range of tones marked too much towards the highs and mids with the almost total abandonment of the bass. The situation improved by lowering the volume because raising it to the maximum, the accentuation of the high tones became almost annoying.

    Choetech BH-T01 review: the new inexpensive true-wireless earphones


  • Choetech BH-T01 review: the new inexpensive true-wireless earphones


  • So I decided to move on to something stronger by starting a mixed playback between EDM hardstyle, psystyle and hardrock and metal tracks in Flac format. Here I had the confirmation: the highs and the mids are calibrated to excess, with an unbalanced and full-bodied timing, and the rhythm is not at a good level, especially in rapid passages with a lot of bass.

    To test this aspect again, I decided to switch to listening to two tracks by Audiomachine, in particular Guardians At the Gate and Breath and Life with many high sounds as opposed to unexpected bass and I noticed a soundstage that was not very wide in the frequencies and tones. not quite balanced. The sensation is that of hearing a sound coming from inside an amplified glass bowl that prefers the high tones abandoning the lower and lower ones.

    From the sound point of view we are not there!

    In conclusion I really appreciated the build and aesthetic quality of these new Choetech BH-T01 earphones both for their manufacturing quality and for the numerous and functional gestures. Unfortunately, however, they sin precisely in what they should excel, namely the sound quality. The latter is not brilliant making the sounds unbalanced and unnaturally imprinted on too high tones that almost completely cancel the low ones.

    The audio is therefore amplified beyond belief and almost annoying at maximum volume. Really a shame because from the aesthetic and manufacturing point of view they bode well. In any case, we recommend them to those who are not an audiophile expert and are looking for excellent budget headphones for sports since they are also waterproof.

    You can buy these headphones at this link.

    What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments and keep following us on the pages where you can find the latest news and other reviews.

    Points in favor

    • Excellent build quality
    • Precise and functional touch sensor
    • Great battery life
    • Fast charging

    Points against

    • Mediocre audio quality mainly based on high and medium tones
    • The LEDs do not indicate the actual state of charge
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