Chrysler unveils the Airflow electric concept car at CES 2022

Chrysler svela al CES 2022 la concept car elettrica Airflow thumbnail

Chrysler unveiled the concept Airflow at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 taking place in Las Vegas. The Stellantis brand announces that its first electric car will be available in 2025.

Presumably this, shown during the official presentation, will also be the production version of the Airflow. In the intention of the brand, by 2028, it wants to offer its customers “a completely electric portfolio “. And that wouldn’t be bad, given that the current Chrysler range includes only two models: the Chrysler successor Voyager Pacifica and the Chrysler 300.

The appearance was generally already known as some teasers had already been shown during the EV Day of July 2021. The car shows itself as a crossover whose shape vaguely resembles the Polestar 2. Chrysler even during the conference did not reveal the dimensions of the vehicle, but from the photos you can see a long wheelbase and a wide roadway, along with large wheels and 22-inch tires, features that place it closer to current SUVs.

STLA Brain platform and STLA SmartCockpit for the new Chrysler Airflow

As announced by Chrysler the Airflow is based on the STLA Brain and STLA SmartCockpit platform. The vehicle is powered by two Electric Drive Module (EDM) da 150 kW ciascuno. But it should also be possible to build more powerful EDMs. Battery size has not been disclosed, but the car is expected to cover 350 to 400 miles on a single charge, which is from 560 a 640 km.

Chrysler AirFlow

The platform supports over-the-air updates and thus allows for software changes without having to replace the hardware. This also allows Chryler to offer paid software extensions. In addition, Chrysler Airflow features STLA AutoDrive, the proprietary system that allows level 3 autonomous driving.

Inside there is one SmartCockpit STLA offering three display. Using a menu-driven format, the screens within Airflow can be customized, simplified and grouped based on individuals and interests. The information on the screens can be shared with all passengers. Each workstation also has an integrated camera that can be used to participate in video conferences. Of course, rear passengers also have their own monitors to fully enjoy this experience.

The modern and spacious interior is done in light and soothing colors. A lot of light enters the interior through a panoramic roof that illuminates the seats upholstered in white leather. The lighting synchronizes with the atmosphere of the interior and changes according to passenger preferences and the content of the displays. Together with the flowing lines, this should offer the occupants of the new Chrysler Airflow a relaxing atmosphere on par with a bright living room.

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