review of the Italian official website

Let’s go to the discovery, in this in-depth analysis, of, the Italian site that offers the possibility to buy followers, likes and views for all the most popular social networks

Social shopping me is an Italian site which offers the possibility to buy followers, likes and views for all the most popular social networks and in this article we will write a review about the services offered by this famous portal.

The site is very simple to use and navigate and offers very high quality services. is the most used Italian site to increase statistics on social networks according to data publicly available on platforms such as or, registering over 30,000 unique users per month.

How does Comprasocial work?

Comprasocial is a site developed with the aim of making navigation for all users, both from mobile and desktop devices, simple and intuitive. review of the Italian official website

By visiting the homepage we will already be able to view the list of social networks for which services of the highest quality are offered.

Currently the social networks for which comprasocial offers services are the following:

  • Instagram
  • Instagram Italy
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • Spotify
  • Telegram
  • Clubhouse
  • Pinterest

The comprasocial staff adds new services and social networks every month, so the news is always around the corner.

At this point it will then be possible to select the social network we are interested in.

For example if you wish buy italian instagram followers, you will have to select the section called IG Italia.

We will then be redirected to the page where all the services relating to Instagram Italy are listed.

Comprasocial offers numerous services: If you want to get increases thanks to an Italian audience, you can choose whether to buy Italian followers, Italian Instagram likes, Italian comments from users and high quality profiles or views to stories from Italian profiles.

Now you can click the Italian Instagram Followers service and you will be redirected to the service page.

In this review we will also explain how the buying process on the site works, so that by reading this article you will understand why the Internet audience particularly appreciates the use of the platform.

The process to purchase the service has been made, thanks to the developers of, extremely simple.

As a first step we will have to select the amount of Italian Instagram followers we wish to buy.

How many Italian followers is it right to buy?

Comprasocial always recommends starting with a number that is neither too high nor too low or 100 Italian followers for your Instagram profile, which is a correct reasoning in our opinion to have a constant growth.

The cost of 100 Italian Instagram followers on comprasocial is € 18.90, a price according to our analysis that is unbeatable when compared with the quality of the service we will receive.

Once the quantity has been decided, we can proceed to enter the Instagram username of our profile.

Remember that the Instagram username contains absolutely no spaces! Make sure you copy the correct username, otherwise you may not receive the purchased service.

Once you have written your profile username, you can proceed by clicking the “Buy ITA Followers” button.

The system created by comprasocial will search for your profile and verify that it is public.

To purchase the services offered, you will need to set the privacy of the profile or post as public.

The peculiarity and uniqueness of can in fact be found precisely in the fact that no password for our account will ever be required.

The services will be sent anonymously and the reference social network will never be aware of the purchase made on comprasocial.

In case there is an error, don’t worry: an error will be reported and you can calmly correct it.

If you have done all the actions correctly, you will see a screen with your profile information and also the latest recent photos.

Comprasocial offers you the possibility, while buying Italian Instagram followers, to add some Italian likes to your recent photos.

If you wish, you can select the photos on which to divide the proposed Italian likes and then press the purple button “Buy ITA Followers now”.

Done! The service will have been added to the cart. Now you can decide whether to continue your purchases or proceed to the shopping cart page where you can complete the payment of the order or, if you have one, apply discount codes.

What are the services offered by Comprasocial?

The services that comprasocial offers to its customers are really numerous, for this reason in this review we list the 7 most popular and requested services:

  • Buy international instagram followers
  • Buy Italian Instagram likes
  • Buy italian instagram followers
  • Buy tiktok followers
  • Buy like tiktok
  • Buy italian youtube views
  • Buy tiktok views

The services, as already mentioned, are many more, but users consider these services as the best in several respects.

The delivery speed of these services is really fast and the quality is really high.

The prices to start buying these services are very accessible according to the surveys, it will in fact be possible to get international followers starting from only € 2.99 per 100 international instagram followers.

If, on the other hand, you want to increase the number of Instagram likes, you can do it with € 1.15 for 50 likes.

Buy followers with comprasocial

The followers or followers on social networks correspond to the number of people who follow your social profile.

This parameter is therefore one of the most important when we evaluate the quality of a profile.

Having many followers on social networks, such as Instagram, means having a certain importance and influence on your followers.

Buying followers on comprasocial is an action that many influencers decide to undertake, according to the statistics reported in the last year.

In particular the service of followers Instagram italiani it is among the most popular on the market and is offered exclusively by

To buy followers, simply select the social network you prefer, for example TikTok, and then the followers service.

Comprasocial offers an incredible purchase process: Just enter your username and the system will automatically check that what you have entered is correct.

If there are any errors, you will be notified instantly and you can correct them before making your purchase.

Once you have entered your profile username, the following screen will appear: review of the Italian official website

You can then check that the profile matches and, if you wish, you can add likes and views to your published content.

This option will be available for many other services that comprasocial offers.

I will buy likes your social shopping

Getting lots of likes on netoworks social networks can be very difficult, especially if you have recently opened a social profile.

Comprasocial gives you the possibility to increase the number of likes in a very short time and in a few steps.

To increase the number of likes on instagram, for example, you can select the social network of reference then the same Instagram and decide which type of likes you want to buy.

Many influencers choose the Italian Instagram likes service on comprasocial every day, as it is of the highest quality and stability.

With comprasocial you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality likes.

Once you have selected the quantity, you will have to enter your username or the link of your post on which you wish to receive the likes.

In the case of Italian Instagram likes, when you enter your username, you will see all the latest published posts.

You can click more than one and send the selected amount of instagram likes to multiple published posts.

Obviously the amount of likes to buy also depends on the number of followers you currently have.

If you think you have too few followers, remember that you can always decide to buy more on comprasocial me.

Buy views thanks to comprasocial

Views correspond to the number of times one or more users have watched the video.

Comprasocial declares that the most requested viewing service on the platform since 2018 is the purchase of youtube views.

Most of the videos that are posted on Youtube every day, get a few dozen views.

With the services of comprasocial, it is possible to increase the exposure and visibility of these contents.

The Italian youtube views are a service that is offered on the site and thanks to which it is possible to increase one’s position in the Italian search results of the popular Youtube portal.

To purchase them, you will have to go to the page of the dedicated service and select the “Italian Youtube Views” service.

Making the purchase is very simple, just indicate the amount of Italian youtube views you want to receive from comprasocial and then insert the link of the youtube video you published.

By pressing the green button, you can continue your purchase and complete the payment.

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive 3 emails:

  • The first, when your comprasocial order passes, it will be received. In this state it will be necessary to wait for the requested service to be started.
  • The second, when the order is handed over. The service will then begin to be delivered within a few hours.
  • The third email will notify you when your order has been completed.
  • What to do if your order does not arrive after 24 hours?

    Do not worry, the Italian assistance of will be ready to help you at any time.

    According to our review of the platform, assistance is one of the strong points of this brand recognized throughout Italy.

    Service restoration guarantee and review

    Many users have asked us doubts and questions about the follower, likes and views purchasing services.

    We are happy to clarify these doubts in detail that we can summarize with a single question:

    “I bought 1,000 followers from a site and after only 1 day I lost them all. Won’t the same thing happen again? “

    Comprasocial obviously knows the problem well and has decided to put a single remedy, albeit simple, to the decreases in the statistics in the days following the purchase.

    Each service has specified the duration of the recovery guarantee.

    What is comprasocial’s recovery guarantee? review of the Italian official website

    The recovery guarantee is the free functionality that comprasocial implements for most of its services.

    The duration, as mentioned above, is specified on the service page.

    For the entire duration of the guarantee, in the event that there are any decreases, you can contact the BuySocial assistance and request the restoration of the quantity …