D&D Direct: announced its return on April 21st

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Wizards of the Coast has officially announced the return of D&D Direct this Thursday, April 21st

As mentioned above, it’s time to return to the worlds of roleplaying, and beyond, signed by Wizards of the Coast. So prepare spells and equipment dear adventurers because, the 21 April at ore 17.00will come back on D&D Direct be on YouTube than on Twitch. But let’s go ahead with some order.

D&D Direct: what’s boiling in the cauldron?

Wizards of the Coast therefore stated that, for this D&D Direct, we will immerse ourselves in all that is the great world of Dungeons and Dragons starting from books up to, of course, video games. Indeed, in this regard, some theories are already being made on the announcements scheduled since Wizards talked about “some surprises”.

Obviously among the most heartfelt hopes of the players there is to see the new gameplay of Baldur’s Gate III, currently for PC and Google Stadia, in the hypothesis that it also arrives on consoles. We also thought about the possible return of Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 2, a title of Black Isle Studios for PS2 and Xbox, perhaps in a remastered version.

D&D Direct: announced its return on April 21st

In short, for the moment there is a lot of meat on the fire, but still no cook is visible on the horizon. So, to find out what this event has in store for all fans, all we have to do is wait until Thursday and enjoy the live stream on YouTube and Twitch. In any case, we are sure that the explosive announcements will certainly not be lacking so watch out for the bang!

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