Dead Space 4: will the title be shown at EA Play Live?

A clue has recently emerged that would seem to herald the arrival of an alleged Dead Space 4, will the title be shown at EA Play Live?

Speculation that a new game of Dead Space could be in development came on this week when the Youtube channel Dead Space official changed his profile picture for the first time in nearly a decade. The exchange of the Dead Space 3 logo with a more generic image of the franchise has led some fans to theorize that the times indicate that some sort of imminent revelation of an eventual Dead Space 4 is scheduled forEA Play Live this month. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Dead Space 4: the title of the next game may not be this but the reveal could still take place at EA Play Live

As reported last week, Electronic Arts is reportedly bringing Dead Space back to life with the developer of Star Wars: Squadrons, Motives StudioS, who is allegedly working on a reboot of the original 2008 game, one that will not be a direct sequel to the sci-fi horror trilogy, The title of the game, therefore, may not be Dead Space 4 but the game could still be shown at the event EA Play Live. The rumors started when Jeff Grubb from GamesBeat explained on the GamesBeat Decides podcast that Motive Studios plans to revive the IP EA and would officially reveal it in July, with several other outlets also reporting hearing similar rumors.

Motive Studios had previously worked on a project codenamed “Gaia“, But the project was inexplicably canceled after six years of development. From the last game Dead Space 3 in 2013, the franchise seemed to be pretty much discontinued since the developer Visceral Studios it was shut down in 2017. However, EA has always stubbornly denied having pulled the plug on Dead Space.

The co-creator of the series, Glen Schofield, is now working on The Callisto Protocol, a new third-person survival horror game that has been developed by his new studio at PUBG Corporation, Striking Distance. L’EA Play Live is scheduled for July 22nd, although the showcase game confirmed for the show so far is Battlefield 2042.

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