Diego Verdegiglio: the book-interview is out

Diego Verdegiglio: esce il libro-intervista

Diego Verdegiglio becomes the protagonist of a book-interview dedicated to him, published by Academ Editore and already available for purchase

Diego Verdegiglio he is a professional veteran of theater, cinema, fiction, but also a voice actor, teacher and director; and his undisputed skill and professional fervor are highlighted in the book-interview Diego Verdegiglio, an actor in the mirror, published by Academ Editore and can already be booked on the official website, in bookstores and online. The book was edited by the journalist Roberto Messina and is dedicated to the formation of the artistic path of Verdegiglio. In the introduction, Messina himself stated that this is

An initiative that was accompanied by the certainty that it was not just any job, a piece of writing like any other: but something important, enriching and stimulating for all those who love cinema, acting, theater and their infinite and varied ‘surroundings’.

Diego Verdegiglio, a solid career

Verdegiglio’s career developed in Catanzaro, where he attended the theater and diction school of Gianni Diotaiuti, and then moved to Rome and soon became the protagonist of numerous films, dramas and dramas, among which stands out Nero Wolfeand has had collaborations with the likes of Walter Chiari, Until the Last Laugh with Alessio Bonthe; but his career is also studded with many Rai and Mediaset successes, such as Valeria coroner, A doctor in the family e The taxi driver, with Stefania Sandrelli. Diego Verdegiglio himself has often had the opportunity to talk about his career, stating that he was very inspired by Gigi Proietti, defined

An art giant who deserved to live forever. Unreachable. I had the honor and pleasure of working alongside him three times.

Also graduated in Neo-Latin Languages ​​and Literature, Verdegiglio was a teacher of Disciplines of the Performing Arts at thePopular University of Rome. Among his works we can mention Talièn de la pèire da Garroc on the Occitan-speaking minority in Calabria, and Alla conquista dello Spazio, written with the author Francesco Valitutti for Newton Compton.

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