DJI Pro lancia RS 4, RS 4 Pro e Focus Pro: strumenti avanzati per videomaker thumbnail

DJI Pro launches RS 4, RS 4 Pro and Focus Pro: advanced tools for video makers

DJI announced three new products designed for video shooting professionals: the RS 4 and RS 4 Pro stabilizersand the focus system LiDAR Focus Pro. Tools created by working on the feedback of videomakers, integrated to simplify their work.

DJI redefines video shooting with RS 4, RS 4 Pro and Focus Pro

RS 4, made of aluminum alloy, offers a load capacity of 3 kg and a fourth-generation stabilization algorithm, allowing videographers to capture dynamic scenes with ease. Featuring second-generation native vertical shooting and improved automated axis locks, RS 4 ensures smooth transitions and quick startup.

RS 4 Pro, built in carbon fiber, boasts a load capacity of 4.5 kg and robust power and torque. With a Teflon coating and a fine adjustment knob, the RS 4 Pro ensures millimeter-precise adjustments. Thanks to the DJI Focus Pro LiDAR autofocus system, the RS 4 Pro offers precise autofocus and reliable subject tracking.

DJI RS 4, DJI RS 4 Pro e DJI Focus Pro controller bluetoothDJI RS 4, DJI RS 4 Pro e DJI Focus Pro controller bluetooth

Finally, Focus Pro is the first focusing system LiDAR independent of DJI. According to the company, it ushers in a new era in collaborative focus control. With a maximum focusing distance of 20m for human subjects and 76,800 distance points, Focus Pro improves edge detection and reduces focus hunting.

DJI Focus Pro, during an outdoor shootDJI Focus Pro, during an outdoor shoot

An integrated ecosystem

DJI's ecosystem of accessories, which includes the BG70 high capacity battery grip, the Ronin video transmitter and the focus and zoom motors. A series of accessories that offer videomakers versatility and complete integration.

These new products promise to raise the standards of video shooting, offering superior stabilization, focus and control.

Prices and availability

You can find the various devices:

  • DJI RS 4 available from today on DJI Store Italia and authorized resellers:
    • Single version a 559 € (includes stabilizer, handle, cables and accessories)
    • Combo version a 729 € (also includes Focus Pro Motor and case)
  • DJI RS 4 Pro available from today on DJI Store Italia and authorized resellers:
    • Single version a 879 € (includes stabilizer, handle, cables, accessories and case)
    • Combo version a 1.109 € (also includes Ronin Transmitter, Focus Pro Motor and accessories)
  • DJI Focus Pro available from mid-May on DJI Store Italia and authorized resellers:
    • Creator Combo a 899 € (includes Focus Pro LiDAR, handle, motor and case)
    • All-In-One Combo a 1.649 € (also includes an additional hand unit)
    • Independent units available separately: LiDAR at €619, handle at €319, motor at €139, manual unit at €819

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