Dr. STONE enters its final part | Jump Highlights

With chapter 212, Dr. STONE declares that he has entered his “final part”, the space mission. One Piece returns with the clash of dragons

The two authors, BOICHI e Riichiro Inagaki, they had already stated it before, but now it is official: Dr. STONE, one of Shonen Jump’s current hits, is nearing its conclusion.

Shadow and the others are preparing to reproduce humanity’s greatest scientific achievement, the landing of man on the moon. After having recovered the raw materials and created the necessary infrastructure, involving the whole world, all that remains is to assemble the rocket, and then, the most difficult part, the actual mission.

On the moon, Senku will have to discover the true nature of the Why-Man, the person in charge of this world of stone.

Dr. STONE is among the flagship titles of the current Weekly Shonen Jump. Inagaki’s passion and BOICHI’s skill have pushed the manga to its current heights, a story of “regular” humanity, according to the authors, but certainly extraordinary. Its conclusion will leave a void that is difficult to fill.

As always, the most recent chapters are available on MangaPlus.

Dr. STONE enters its final part |  Jump Highlights

Not only Dr. STONE: other highlights of Shonen Jump

Usual break of a week and then return for One Piece, where a legendary level clash begins: Kaido and Momonosuke face off in draconic form, while Luffy encourages the young heir to the shogunate to overcome his fears. Onigashima is now sailing over the capital of Wano, and time is running out.

It is only now that we enter the heart of the action instead Jujutsu Kaisen, with Itadori and the others ready to enter the barrier, and take part in the gruesome The Culling.

Instead, it’s time to rest in My Hero Academia. In chapter 327, Izuku was admitted to the AU shelter, and now he can finally rest, and then face in full force what will certainly be the final battle.