Dragon Quest 3: in arrivo un remake in HD-2D

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the well-known Japanese fantasy saga, the HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest 3 has been officially announced

During the streaming event to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the well-known Japanese fantasy saga, Square Enix revealed to the world the existence of the project of remake in HD-2D di Dragon Quest 3. The destination of the game was not disclosed, but during the conference reference was made to unspecified ones home consoles. The presenters also stated that they want to release the game simultaneously all over the world, so it is legitimate to expect it to arrive in Europe as well.

Dragon Quest 3: here is the trailer of the remake in HD-2D

During the presentation of the project, a first trailer, it was revealed that AMATA KK and Team Asano will be in charge of its development and that the engine developed for another Square Enix title will be used: Octopath Traveler. The latter was recently implemented in the creation of another video game: Project Triangle Strategy.

The publication date of the project has not been revealed, which is unlikely to be available before 2022. However, it has been revealed that the producer Masashi Takahashi, who in the past has worked on projects of the caliber of Bravely Default, plays an important role in the development of this remake. In this regard, he stated:

Everyone will have the opportunity to experience the game through a renewed point of view, both the adults who played the original when it was first released, and the little ones who try it for the first time.

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