Dragon Quest: many announcements for the 35th anniversary are coming

In the special event dedicated to the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest, which will be broadcast live on May 26, many new announcements are coming, according to the creator of the series.

As previously announced, the special event dedicated to the anniversary of one of the most important series in the history of JRPG and video games in general. Speaking of the anniversary event, which will be streamed live worldwide on May 26, Yuji Horii, the creator of the Dragon Quest series, commented on what will be unveiled in this event, essentially stating that there will be many announcements. Let’s see below his words specifically, so as to have a better idea of ​​what can be dealt with.

Dragon Quest 35th anniversary announcements

Going through the past statements (both the official ones of Square Enix, and those of Horii made a year ago), so far it was known that the event would present the next line-up di Dragon Quest (Square Enix), and that for the occasion the company would have done “Any kind of announcement” (Horii). Horii then returned to promote the event, via a new tweet that you can see below.

The tweet states that a lot of announcements will be made at the Dragon Quest anniversary event. In this case also Horii decided to tease fans, stating, perhaps a little vaguely, that they will obviously also be able to wait for an announcement for “That game”, without however specifying what it is. The first thought clearly leads back to the announcement of a new chapter in the main series, but we just have to wait.

The last main chapter, Dragon Quest XI, was originally launched in Japan in 2017, only to be released a year later in the rest of the world, to become a huge commercial success. Since the launch date of this last chapter can be considered by now far enough, the announcement of a hypothetical Dragon Quest XII; the 35th anniversary event would also be a perfect time to make this kind of announcement.

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