Dying Light: a new story coming from The Dying City

Techland has released the first animated short containing a new story from The Dying City. The story, titled The Jonah, is available on YouTube

Immerse yourself in the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human with a new story from The Dying City tales. Discover the new urban legend that comes to life among the citizens of Villedor. All sailors are familiar with the legends about Jonah. Those who have been on the open sea know how much bad luck ports Jonah. Discovering the truth of ancient legends, you will learn firsthand about Jonah’s true strength. The wind stops blow, the strings yes break and the food marcisce. His bad luck spreads like a virus.

A new story from The Dying City is available as well as a new update for Dying Light

Listen to this disturbing new story belonging to the world of The Dying City narrated by one of the darkest voices on YouTube, Corpse Husband. A story that will make your skin crawl. And if you somehow manage to to survive, perhaps, next time, the fortuna will not be on your side. Each legend has its own mystery, however, Jonah’s misfortune cannot persecute those who have discovered all secrets hidden inside the legend. If you missed the other Dying City audio stories, Dedrick, Rosemary and Antigone are waiting for you on Youtube channel di Dying Light.

Dying Light: a new story coming from The Dying City

To make you revive the spirit of Halloween, Furthermore, Techland will launch an event for today Dying Light. The team added a new one event to the classic 2015 title, thanks to this new update, Volatile Rush. Be careful, because any noise you make will invoke a lethal one Volatile. But don’t be afraid, your potions trick or treat they will help you in the fight. The Van Crane package, with creepy zombies and themed decorations scattered around the city, will throw you right in the middle of Halloween.

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