Elden Ring: new record speedrun

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A recent Elden Ring speedrun set an incredible new world record. Let’s find out all the details in this news

The thriving community of speedrun is not known to be long in coming in setting new records on recently released titles, and in fact, in the past few hours the news of a new enterprise concerning none other than Elden Ring. In fact, a user managed to complete the latest From Software with timing that are truly incrediblein an impressive feat that, in all likelihood, will be really hard to overcome.

New speedrun record for Elden Ring

Only last February we witnessed the debut on consoles and PC of the latest effort by From Software (find our review here), which managed to win the opinion of the public and critics, already setting numerous sales records. Since then, many players have decided to dive into their own personal exploration of the Interregnum, making the most disparate feats imaginable the protagonists. One of the most recent is the speedrun performed by the user in the past few hours Distortion2which set a new world record for Elden Ring.

Using some special techniques that allowed him to immediately access the most advanced areas of the gamethe user was thus able to finish the title in ben 6 minutes and 59 seconds, thus bringing the completion record below the 7 minute mark. Incredible result if you think about how much the duration of the title’s main quest alone has been estimated. In the face of this it will certainly be difficult to do better, but we know that fans of soulslike From Software are capable of really anything, so we are curious to find out what the next feats of the players will be.

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