Elden Ring: upcoming reveal for the expected souls-like

After years of waiting, maybe we could finally know more about the game. An insider has in fact declared the Elden Ring reveal imminent

Elden Ring is perhaps one of those titles that the community has been waiting for the most. Like Death Stranding, little information was released in the course of development. However, most fans are thrilled by an announcement, an official gameplay trailer or just to know the release date. The spasmodic expectation of Elden Ring was born following the rapid spread of the souls-like genre, combined with surprising news of the involvement in the project of George R. R. Martin. Now an Insider has declared the reveal of Elden Ring.

Imminent Reveal for Elden Ring, an eagerly awaited dark fantasy RPG

Over time there have been a lot of rumors about it Elden Ring, especially following the alleged leak regarding the trailer of an old build of the game. The latest news, however, reported the possible absence of the title toE3 of 2021. Today the Insider Omnipotent, famous for anticipating the headlines FromSoftware prior to their official release, it spoiled the upcoming Elden Ring reveal. The user posted on the platform ResetEra an image where we see Solaire, a well-known character from the Dark Souls saga, in the “Praise the Sun” position. Also, you can see the Elden Ring symbol, the notification “Humanity Restored” e Micolash of Bloodborne in the feverish-looking background.

Elden Ring: upcoming reveal for the expected souls-like

This image appears in a rear view mirror with the classic inscription: all objects in the mirror are more neighbors than it seems. The user replied about this image that it actually was commissioned and it was not made as a joke. All of this can indicate only one thing, which is that we can expect the reveal of the game at any moment. Unfortunately, however, we do not know when this will happen. In the meantime, we remind you that Elden Ring is in development for PS4, Xbox One e PC. We look forward to further details.

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