The best Woody Allen movies, 5 films to understand it (Part II)

The good old Woody Allen is among the authors of the best films of all time so let’s continue to sift through his filmography to deepen it better

Since we have already talked about the introduction to the “Alleniano” character and his poetics, I would say that we can start with five more of his films without forgetting a little warning.

Best Woody Allen Movies: Read Before Proceeding

All the films we’re going to talk about make it the best Woody Allen movies very particular. In fact, these will not be presented according to a real objective order of satisfaction, but purely personal.

We also remind you that most of these can be easily recovered on streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. In any case, normal television programming, any newsstand releases and the DVD market are particularly “friends” to you if you want to complete your collection. Once this is said, we leave.

The best Woody Allen movies, 5 films to understand it (Part II)

The best movies of Woody Allen: Midnight in Paris (2011)

Owen Wilson here plays that Gilbert Pender, also more simply called Gil, who writes scripts for Hollywood films, but is not at all satisfied with either his fruitful work or the girlfriend Inez (Rachel McAdams).

During a vacation in Paris, in fact, he wants to walk around the city in the rain and devote himself to his novel in the drawer while she, and her wealthy parents, think only of shopping and appearing without going beyond even “thanks” to the arrival of Tronfio Paul (Michael Sheen) who never misses an opportunity to show off.

After an evening of wine tasting Gil sets out on the lonely streets of Paris at night and, with one almost “Kafkaesque” solution, gets a lift from a vintage car that will lead him to meet the characters of Paris in the twenties like Hemingway, Dalì, the Fitzgeralds, Picasso, Buñuel and many others. In what time is it better to live?

The best Woody Allen movies, 5 films to understand it (Part II)

The best Woody Allen movies: A Midsummer Night’s Sexy Comedy (1982)

Set in a cottage of country at the beginning of the twentieth century the story, clearly inspired by the comedy Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, features three protagonists couples at the beginning of the twentieth century apparently too far from each other.

Just think about the fact that the landlord is a rambling inventor (Woody Allen), one of the guests a strict university professor (José Ferrer), the landlord’s true love is a married woman (Mia Farrow) and so on.

In a climax that expertly mixes comedy and magic, the plot will take on more and more particular and spicy colors. Dream and reality, in short, they intersect in an increasingly narrow and indistinguishable way.

The best Woody Allen movies, 5 films to understand it (Part II)

The best Woody Allen movies: The Bananas Free State Dictator (1971)

One of the most tense moments in recent American history was, without a shadow of a doubt, the Cuban question driven by personalities such as Fidel Castro or Ernesto Che Guevara whose ideals are still alive today.

So keep in mind the style of the characters just listed because the clumsy test driver Fielding Mellish (Allen himself) is ready to smash them. After the visit of thecharming activist Nancy (Louise Lasser) who fights for the free state of Bananas, the two intertwine a relationship that ends precisely because of his character. In order to forget her, Fielding therefore decides to go to the state of Bananas where he will end up involved, in spite of himself, in the life of the revolutionaries local and in power games with the United States.

The best Woody Allen movies, 5 films to understand it (Part II)

The best movies of Woody Allen: Scoop (2006)

The film opens with the scene from funeral of reporter Joe Strombel (Ian McShane) has just passed away and finds himself, along with many others who have suffered the same fate, in the afterlife in a boat as they wait to be transported to the great mystery. Here he talks to a woman who, the secretary of an important aristocratic scion, is convinced that her boss (here Hugh Jackman leaves Wolverine claws alone to take on the role of Peter Lyman) is actually the Tarot serial killer who is terrorizing the streets of London.

Strombel therefore decides to try the last scoop even in death and dives from the boat to return to the living. Here it appears at the journalism student Sandra Prensky (Scarlett Johansson) telling her his story while the latter is a “guest” in a Grande Splendini’s magic trick (aka Sid Waterman always played by Allen).

The magician and the student will therefore form one as unlikely as it is downsized pair of makeshift detectives slash investigative journalists to get to the bottom of the truth. Is the handsome young Peter Lyman really a fearsome killer?

The best Woody Allen movies, 5 films to understand it (Part II)

The best films of Woody Allen: Café Society (2016)

New York, 1930s, a giovane Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) decides to go knock on the door of the rich uncle Phil Stern (Steve Carell) who is an agent for the promises of cinema in Hollywood.

Of course, before we get to the boss, Bobby meets secretary Veronica Sybil known as Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) and will fall madly in love with her. Unfortunately, the young boy still does not know that she already has an affair, and with his uncle in addition, where she is the classic mistress of the married man who keeps promising that he will divorce for her.

After a series of vicissitudes that I do not tell you so as not to ruin the film completely, if you have not already seen it of course, Bobby manages to run a night club with the help of his brother and gangster Ben (Corey Stoll). But behind every glass, roll of banknotes, charming woman and extreme situations there is always the face of the sweet Veronica. How will it end?

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