Emotet malware is once again a threat and targets PECs

Il malware Emotet torna ad essere una minaccia e prende di mira le caselle PEC thumbnail

Il malware Emotet, born as a banking virus, it is now “specializing” to hit PEC certified e-mail boxes. After stealing the data of numerous users, the Emotet malware becomes dangerous again. To sound the alarm is Cert AgiD, a government structure that supports the Italian Cybersecurity Agency. The alarm comes after numerous reports received regarding messages destined for Pec addresses but coming from ordinary addresses.

Emotet malware returns to the attack and targets PECs

According to what emerged from the first reports, Emotet malware is targeting PEC boxes. The malware attack arrives via e-mail from ordinary addresses that have, as the subject, the words “‘Communications already passed “. These e-mails contain a password-protected attachment (the password is shown in the text of the e-mail).

Starting the download of the attachment starts the infection of the Emotet malware which affects the system. It should be noted that there is evidence confirming a distribution of the malware also from PEC to PEC. This malware first appeared as a banking trojan in 2014. Over the years, however, malware has evolved and continues to be used to harm users.

At the moment, there are no confirmations regarding large-scale attack campaigns by this malware. However, the situation needs to be monitored. The return of Emotet could represent a real threat, especially considering that the virus targets PECs. We’ll see if there are more updates on this cyber threat.

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