F1 2021: story mode stars in the new trailer

Let’s find out some details of the story mode in the new trailer for F1 2021, the new Formula 1 driving simulation game

A few days away from his exit date, which was set for the next one July 16, was posted on the Xbox one YouTube channel new trailer of F1 2021, the new Formula 1 driving simulation game. The film focuses particularly on the story mode of the game, which seems to have been given a lot of attention. F1 2021 was developed by Codemasters and will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

F1 2021: here is the new trailer for the game

As mentioned above, the new F1 2021 trailer shows some of the details of the story mode of the game. In particular, let’s get acquainted with the protagonist of this: the young driver Aiden Jackson, whose career the player will control starting from his debut in Formula 1. Although he is not present in the trailer, the return of Devon Butler is also confirmed, the main antagonist of the previous two chapters of the saga, in addition, there will also be one career mode, in which we could use any of the drivers of the championship as an avatar; at the level of mechanical, this is distinguished by the fact of being playable both alone and in the company of another player.

Finally, it was also announced that the game season will start simultaneously with the start of the Formula 1 championship and that the digital championship will follow the trend of the real one. Are you curious to find out more details regarding F1 2021? Read our article to find out what trophies you can get in the game.

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