Fall Guys: new Bomberman themed skins available soon

Fall Guys is preparing for an “explosive” development: it would seem that new Bomberman-themed skins are on the way

Players of Mediatonic’s chaotic battle royale title, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, they are fully enjoying the update of the season 4.5 and the title is going stronger than ever. As is the case with any popular game with a strong multiplayer calling, success has led to all imaginable types of collaborations and crossovers, with the likes of DOOM, Cuphead, Shovel Knight and even Tron that showed up in the game as skins and costumes. The next collaboration also seems to be around the corner and will be interesting: in Fall Guys themed skins will be available soon Bomberman.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout: the official is missing but it is now clear that the next skins will be themed Bomberman

The official Fall Guys Twitter account recently announced a collaboration “explosive“That is about to arrive and that” will leave you speechless “. The tweet was accompanied by an image that showed a very familiar silhouette. Soon after, Konami’s official Twitter page responded to the tweet with a “cheeky” message, marveling at the speed with which the news “exploded”.

So what does all of this mean? Well, in a nutshell, that is Bomberman the next “featuring” by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. now only the official is missing but things could not really go differently. We remind you that the game in question is available on PS4 and PC and will be launched later this year for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

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