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Fiat e-Ulysse is back on the 100% electric market

It has little to do with the latest generation of the Fiat Ulysse which stopped being sold a decade ago, but it shares some of the features that the original model offered, such as ample interior space and the ability to transport more than five occupants. .

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The new Fiat e-Ulysse 2022 comes only with 100% electric drive, (hence the addition of the letter “e” before the name) with 28 different configurations with seven or eight seats and a clear focus on rental services with driver and VIP shuttle to hotels. It is available in two body lengths (4.95m and 5.30m) and as a curiosity, you can get the second row in front of the third with a folding table in the center, which can be used in multiple positions. The new minivan offers, in fact, 4,200 liters of cargo space in the 4.95 meter body and 4,900 liters in the 5.30 meter version.

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The 7-seater version is also known as the “living room”, the 8-seater version “shuttle” and refers to the infinite configurability of the individual seats, which can be moved independently on three rows of tracks.

Fiat e-Ulysse up to 330 km of guaranteed autonomy

As mentioned, it is powered by a 136 HP and 260 Nm torque electric motor that draws energy from a 50 kWh or 75 kWh lithium-ion battery. The two batteries guarantee autonomy up to 230 kilometers in the first case and 330 kilometers in the second, always according to the WLTP cycle. The maximum charging power is 100 kW in direct current, allowing you to recover 80% of the capacity in just 30 minutes.

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The new e-Ulysse will come standard with steel wheels with plastic hubcaps and manual air conditioning, while higher trim levels will include premium features. Between these a large panoramic roof, three-zone climate control, electric sliding doors and even ambient lighting for the cabin.

Although the e-Ulysse is the “passenger” version, there is the equivalent of the cargo version called the e-Scudo, which in turn is practically the same as Opel Zafira-e, Citroën e-Jumpy e Peugeot e-Expert. Its production takes place in Hordain, France.

Fiat has not announced the prices, but seeing the similar models of the other brands of the Stellantis group we must expect a cost starting from around 40 thousand euros.

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