FIFA 22: mind-boggling numbers in the first 22 days of launch

To celebrate the launch of the new FIFA 22, Electronic Arts has published several very interesting statistics relating to the first 22 days of the game’s launch

It has been a while since the launch of FIFA 22, the latest chapter in the historic series of football video games Electronic Arts. The title was published worldwide on September 26 and already in the first week it has collected very high peaks of players.

To celebrate the great success of the title, EA has decided to share with different players statistics collected during the first 22 days after the launch of FIFA 22 and in this article you will find some of the most important.

Over 12 billion minutes played in the first 22 days of FIFA

Recently Electronic Arts has published some very interesting statistics relating to the achievements of FIFA 22. Overall there have been gods clear improvements compared to the results obtained by FIFA 21. The data taken into consideration relate to play time, Everyone games played and at matches daily. Below you will find a list with all these statistics divided according to the analyzed region:

  • Minutes played
    • Global: 12.3 billion
    • United Kingdom: 2.1 billion
    • France: 1.1 billion
    • Spain: 697 million
    • Germany: 1.5 billion
    • Italy: 830 million
    • Sweden: 225 million
  • Games played
    • Global: 1.1 billion
    • United Kingdom: 204 million
    • France: 100 million
    • Spain: 65 million
    • Germany: 146 million
    • Italy: 77 million
    • Sweden: 22 million
  • Daily matches (media)
    • Global: 51 million per day
    • UK: 8.9 million per day
    • France: 4.6 million per day
    • Spain: 2.9 million per day
    • Germany: 6.3 million per day
    • Italy: 3.5 million per day
    • Sweden: 1 million per day

FIFA 22: mind-boggling numbers in the first 22 days of launch

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