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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: possible release on Nintendo Switch in 2022

Through a leak widespread in the past few hours, it seems that in 2022 there could be the release of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster also on Nintendo Switch

The last few months have been full of news regarding Final Fantasy, the famous and historic saga produced by Square Enix. Among the news that have most shaken the web, there is certainly the postponement concerning the details that would have been revealed for the end of the year regarding Final Fantasy XVI, the new chapter of the series. led by the legendary Naoki Yoshida. And around the same time, there was also Square Enix’s breakthrough in the NFT market for its own titles.

But remaining on the videogame field, the future still presents some exciting scenarios: very soon Strange of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin should be released, and soon the arrival of the remaster version of Final Fantasy VI is also expected, which will join the one of the previous five chapters arrived in recent months. Furthermore, in the last few hours a rumor has been added that could make Nintendo Switch owners happy, as it is thought that these Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters could find an release on the console during 2022.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is released on Nintendo Switch

During E3 of 2021, Square Enix had, as always, held its conference dedicated to the upcoming titles, and among them even the most nostalgic part of gamers had been tickled, thanks to the presentation of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, out on PC, iOS and Android. These are remastered versions of the first six chapters of the series, which allow you to relive the stories of these classic JRPGs even on the most modern devices. Although this is a collection, the games have been released over the months, and in February the final episode will finally arrive, after being sent back by the gaming house. Meanwhile, it may be that the feedback from players has made Square Enix decide to release the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster not only on mobile devices, but even on the console currently most loved by the Japanese, or the Nintendo Switch.

Nate the Hate: Fire Emblem 2022 & Remake + more info on Switch Titles + Persona from GamingLeaksAndRumours

This is at least what transpires within a rumor revealed in a video by leaker NateTheHate. In the video in question, the author also released several statements regarding additional games, including the new IP of Respawn Entertainment and the news on Persona 6. However, news clearly remains to be taken with caution, as to date there are no official confirmations. Yet, we must also remember how Square Enix itself has claimed to be interested in bringing the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on other consoles besides PC and mobile devices, in case there was enough fan demand.

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