Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: release date revealed

Square Enix has officially announced the release date of the titles that are part of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster project, which will bring some classics from the series to PC, iOS and Android

A few days ago we learned that the operation Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster would kick off in July, with sequential releases on PC, iOS and Android, without, however, that a precise day was indicated for the debut. Well, the mystery has finally been revealed, as Square Enix has released the official release date of the first six chapters of the popular jrpg series, which will be divided into two distinct rounds.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: launch date revealed

The players of the platforms just indicated will have to do nothing but wait for the next July 28th in order to get your hands on Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 2 e Final Fantasy 3. The next dayinstead, it will be the turn of Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 5 e Final Fantasy 6. At the moment there is no news regarding the arrival of the titles also in the console version, so we just have to wait for any developments in this direction, which obviously we will not fail to document you.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: release date revealed

The price of each of the games is set at $ 11.99 each (which presumably will turn into as many Euros), but for everyone those who pre-order them will receive a 20% discount, which brings the price to $ 9.59 each. It will also be possible buy the entire collection, with a 22% discount compared to the single purchase of each chapter, for a outlay set at $ 74.82. Pre-orders have the soundtrack and wallpaper of each game as an added bonus.

Each of the productions in question will boast a renewed graphic and sound sector, and as regards the restyling del character design, to deal with it was Kazuko Shibuya, original release artist currently working on the series Pixel Remaster. To supervise the works related to the soundtrackinstead, it was the legendary Nobuo Uematsu, the author of the original scores.

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