Lexar: development of SD Express cards announced

The new SD Express standard promises incredible speeds in both read and write, allowing you to use external cards as SSDs in a restricted format

Lexar, a world leader in memory solutions, is proud to announce the development of SD Express memory cards. Lexar Express SD memory cards they will take advantage of the PCI Express (PCIe) 4.0 specification and will guarantee a maximum transfer rate of nearly four gigabytes per second (GB / s). SD Express cards, which are capable of transferring data up to three times faster than the fastest UHS-II SD cards available today1, have a theoretical maximum reading speed of 985MB / s. These cards also use the NVMe Express (NVMe) protocol and are backward compatible.

Lexar: development of SD Express cards announced

Lexar will produce SD Express cards

Lexar Express SD memory cards are created to meet the ever-increasing needs of users for move large amounts of data, such as record and playback 8K video, shoot RAW images in rapid sequence, use 360-degree cameras and video cameras, and other applications with workloads that use a lot of data.

Lexar: development of SD Express cards announced

Lexar will use two technologies, SD Express and microSD Express memory cards. The SD Express will be available in capacities up to 512GB, microSD Express up to 256GB. Lexar SD Express and microSD Express memory cards will have read speeds of up to 824MB / and write speeds of up to 410MB / s. Lexar is working with the manufacturers of the host devices and is in the early stage of development. The plan is to launch products in 2022. Jordan Zhong, Lexar Vice President, comments:

We are excited to announce SD Express memory cards, which use the PCle 3.0 interface, an innovation in memory card technology. In the future, we will be able to use SD Express memory cards for many data-intensive applications, such as video shooting, photography, 360-degree applications and automotive storage. The user experience will benefit.

Nelson Duann, Senior Vice President of Marketing and R&D at Silicon Motion, add:

Lexar SD Express memory cards will be built with Silicon Motion’s SM 2708 controller. “Many recent, high-end cell phones and camcorders record 8K video, and require high data transfer rates. As the SM2708 controller now supports SD 8.0 specification, which guarantees more than three times the transmission capacity, applications such as 8K video recording, RAW photos, multi-channel IoT devices, automotive storage on multiple processes and other applications that require very high data transfer speeds become possible.

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