Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: Square-Enix talks about features and platforms

Square-Enix lifts the veil on the platforms and features of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: here’s what will make us crave them on consoles

In a recent tweet that you will find in the middle of the article, the ever alert and active Nibellion summarized a question and answer session in which Square-Enix it touched on two hot topics for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: the feature and the platforms. Starting from the discussed choice (understandably) to limit the latter to Steam, Android and iOS, it is possible that these well-kept remakes also land on consoles… if there is enough demand. It is not clear whether we will have to express our prayers on keyboard or opening the wallet sui marketplace.

After the platforms, the features: Square-Enix talks about Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Platforms permitting, several good ideas have been poured from Square-Enix into Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. The first is a little nudge on the factor Balance: We may no longer see monsters overgrown (level) at that point on the map in the first episode. Later, as we already knew, Kazuko Shibuya he took care of the as always pixel art of all new sprite of the game. Even the I share audio has been revised, both by the sound effects team and the legendary Nobuo Uematsu.

Speaking of him, his music will already be available for listening at the beginning of each adventure with a comfortable test audio. As with any re-edition of the classic chapters, once again the Bestiary back in great shape right from the start of the game and with the ability to mark monsters on the map. Speaking of museums to look at, even the art of Yoshitaka Amano (author of the design of the logos of each chapter of the series) will be available immediately in a special gallery. Last, but not least, the raspberry towards all of us who are waiting for the announcement for consoles: the versions announced so far support controller and keyboard.

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