Final Fantasy XVI: Square Enix confirms a patch on day one, will it be substantial?

Final Fantasy XVI: versione demo in arrivo prima del lancio

A now recurring tradition, that of day one patches, of which Final Fantasy XVI will also be part. Let’s find out all the details in this dedicated news

After previously revealing that Final Fantasy XVI wouldn’t have one at launch, the development team confirmed in the game’s pre-launch celebration livestream that there will be one patch al day-one. It will be an update of approx 300 MB which will be available on June 20th and that it will optimize performance in “several phases”. Other fixes include a control flag issue that could block progression and another issue that causes the game to quit unexpectedly (both currently occur under “very specific circumstances”). There are also some “minor” fixes to text issues. Performance optimization is perhaps the most important aspect, as the demo’s Performance mode (click here to read our preview) struggled to maintain the 60 FPS.

Final Fantasy XVI: Square Enix confirms a patch on day one, will it be substantial?

Final Fantasy XVI: day one patch and further details

That of patch al day one it is now a real consolidated practice of which it will also be part Final Fantasy XVI. There are many titles that have had and have respected this tradition. From less substantial updates to real mammoth updates, the history of day one patches is a story that often made users turn up their noses, eager to start playing their new title. What will be the reaction of the Final Fantasy community? To find out, just take a tour of the web, or we’ll have to wait for this Thursday. Final Fantasy 16 will launch on June 22 for PS5. Even if physical copies are already in circulation, Square Enix will remove any videos, streams or images that will be released before the official release.

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