Finally released the final trailer of the expected Ghostbusters: legacy

Ghostbusters: Legacy: the final trailer of the awaited third installment of the Ghostbusters saga

Ghostbusters: legacy è the third installment of the saga, a direct sequel to the first 1984 Ghostbusters and 1989’s Ghostbusters 2.

The film premiered at Alice nella Città during the recent Rome Film Festival and will debut in Italian cinemas on 18 November.

Cast and direction

The film is written and directed by Jason Reitman, son of the Ivan the director of the original and the first sequel. Because Ghostbusters: Legacy is just that: a passing of the baton from father to son, in an exchange between analogue and digital that is present throughout the thematic text.

The cast consists of the young promise, McKenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, known primarily for the role of Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon, but the original Ghostbusters will also be returning.

Finally released the final trailer of the expected Ghostbusters: legacy

Because the film promises to be a winner

Many will be relieved to find that it will have nothing to do with the very unfortunate female reboot of 2016 directed by Paul Feig, the choice was most likely a loser because it rested only on the nostalgia and fan service effect. Which is not specific to Ghostbusters: Legacy.

The strength of the film is that it is a clever way to update the spirit of those films that made the history of eighties cinema to today’s cinema. Ironically, one of the protagonists, Finn Wolfhard, comes from one of the TV series that brought back the typical style of that decade, Stranger Things, in fact.

In short, each generation can have its own Ghostbusters, Jason Reitman’s movie tells us, because the world will always need it. A well-played return, therefore, because it is presented as an experience in which discovery and rediscovery happily coexist, for different audiences.

It will be in cinemas from November 18th, and you won’t regret going to see it. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the final trailer here.

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