Five-star Nissan Qashqai Euro NCAP

Il nuovo Nissan Qashqai ottiene cinque stelle nel test Euro NCAP 2021 thumbnail

The new Nissan Qashqai received a five-star safety rating from the Independent European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP), a particularly notable achievement given that the car was rated under the newest and most stringent 2020-2022 protocol.

Euro NCAP awarded the new Qashqai a score of 91% for occupant protection, whether they are adults or children, placing it among the best in its sector. This performance reflects the reinforced advanced construction of Qashqai’s new CMF-C platform, constructed of ultra-strong steel in key areas, designed to improve stiffness while allowing you to absorb and reduce the force of an impact before reaching the air cell. All this despite being 60 kg lighter than its predecessor.

Adding a central airbag, a first for Nissan in Europe, to prevent a frontal collision between the driver and front seat passenger in the event of a side impact, helped the Qashqai to score a maximum of 16 points in the “impact” test.

An almost maximum score (23.8 out of 24 possible) was achieved for the protection of children and a maximum of 12 points for the installation of the child seat.

Nissan Qashqai also protects cyclists and pedestrians best, according to Euro NCAP

Qashqai scored 70% in cycling and pedestrian protection tests. The SUV is equipped with several active safety features, including the Front Crash Anti-Collision System, which warns the driver and applies the brakes if the car anticipates an impact with another vehicle, a pedestrian or a cyclist. This system, it should be remembered, which is standard on the entire range of the new Qashqai, not only on the higher level versions.

Euro NCAP recognizes that accident prevention is always preferable and awards points for technology that helps drivers avoid collisions. In this area too, the Qashqai scored exceptionally high, with a rating of 95%, thanks to Nissan’s Smart Mobility technologies.

A first for Nissan in Europe is the addition of a head-up display, which allows the driver to monitor speed, navigation directions and the prevailing speed limit without taking their eyes off the road. The introduction of intelligent headlights, which adjust the shape of the light beam to prevent oncoming drivers from being dazzled, is another example of new technologies offered by the Qashqai to improve security.

The SUV also features Blind Spot Warning which “senses” when another vehicle has not been seen by the driver in a nearby lane and automatically returns the Qashqai to the “free” lane and out of danger. The automatic reverse braking system avoids typical collisions during parking maneuvers.