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The Journey of the Heroes – the interview with Marco Giallini

The Journey of the Heroes, arrives on 11 July in first vision on rai1 and at the same time on raiplay to make us relive all the emotions of the 82nd World Cup

It was ironically called the Brancabearzot Army, but it eventually became like family. A happy ending that no one expected, especially in the difficult period that Italy was facing.

It was also thanks to this victory that the country managed to recover and overcome one of its darkest moments.

The structure of the documentary and the contribution of Giallini

With the narrating voice of Marco Giallini, (whose interview you can listen to by clicking here) it is possible relive the emotion of that victory by retracing the journey in 11 stageswhich will be embellished by the animations of 11 great Italian illustrators who will be coordinated by the master Roberto Recchioni.

The Journey of the Heroes - the interview with Marco Giallini

We will have the opportunity to review the whole composition of courageous choices, sacrifice and ability who managed to make the victory even more human and heroic. A story that can still be an example for young and future generations.

The winning ingredients

Nobody believed in that possible victory, except those 82 boys.

At the center of the story is Enzo Bearzot: coach, mentor and putative father of those players who made the feat. He was not seeking consensus, but prioritized the loyalty, respect and cohesion of his team. A series of ingredients that worked, however, and led to the unexpected result that probably everyone needed even if they didn’t know it.

The World Cup still represents one of the moments when the country is truly uniteda moment in which everyone has one and only hope that unites everyone in a single beat.

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